Saturday, September 8, 2007

RANDOM THOUGHTS 9-6 Board Meeting

Candy Olson is preparing to seek a way to prevent current employees from running for the School Board?

I hope I misunderstood. If she wants to wall off Candyland to employees who are teachers AND a sitting Board member, I can sort of see what she's trying to do. If she is seeking to wall off Candyland to any current employee from RUNNING for School Board while being employed, then you can see her intent quite clearly. THIS SHOULD NOT BE. No one should have to quit their job to run for the Board. It clearly limits competition. Speaking of competition:

Susan Valdes wants every employee to get MAP.

My God Mrs. Valdes did you NOT understand when one of the Assistant Superintendents said: By statute the legislature created a competition? By definition, competition results in a limited reward. In other words ma'am, your request that every teacher receive MAP is a contradiction in terms. How'd you miss THAT?
If you want every teacher to get more money, may I suggest you just PAY US MORE?!

Everyone needs to watch the meeting via Stream n Scream.

Start about 1 hour into the video and pay close attention to that MAP discussion. Do this before you "pre-test" your kids.

Thanks to all for the comments on the previous post. I heard it got passed around a lot. While blogs are mentioned again at the meeting I have to wonder if the board members can read the comments when they are logged on to the network at ROSSAC. I can't from my work site!


Anonymous said...

Surely this can't be true. What IS the rule regarding a teacher being elected to the SB?

At least Mrs. Valdes is thinking right--kinda. Yes, we should all get a real raise--I won't get started on that--I'm seeing anger, confusion and frustration at my school---and not between teachers . I think we all understand it's a cheap way to avoid the big money that is deserved. Consider the ESE teachers that co teach--and the subject area teachers receive MAP....remember that in FUSE, both teachers share everything equally...and teach all kids together.

Gotta go grade that essay....

Matthew K. Tabor said...

Every time I try to watch the streamed archive it gets timed out.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the internet ROSSAC is not blocked. I guess they have to be able to check their personal e-mail from work.

Anonymous said...


Click on "Stream n Scream" > On-Demand > then on the date below "QuickTime Meeting Archive". Wait a few moments.

I grew a beard waiting for the Windows Media File to launch. QuickTime lives up to its name in this instance.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this is true that Candy Olson wants to prevent school employees from running for school board? What rationale does she give for that? I can't think of any rationale for that except to squelch the freedom of teachers as citizens to do and say as they please. She must feel so threatened by people voicing their ideas or opinions. What a sad person. I don't understand trying to put up road blocks for anyone who wants to exercise his/her right to stand up and take part in politics. Dictators or nazis shut down free press and dissenting opinions like this as soon as they get into office. Anyone who feels he/she is doing a good job does not need to shut anyone up the way she must feel she has to....

Susan Valdes said...

Hi All!

I regret that some misinterpreted my recent comment on the M.A.P. Program. I truly believe that teachers come to this profession because of the love of teaching and of kids, not all teachers have the perfect classroom where all students are self motivated, interested in studying and have the support at home from their parents and family members. Therefore, the teacher that has the hardest students to teach based on lack of external resources for the student, is unfair not to recognize their efforts. Even if they moved students up a notch or two, is not good enough.

Thanks a bunch and for all you do! Susan Valdes

twinkobie said...

I understand that Ken for the Board will speak at the SB mtg. on the 6th. I hope our candidate to replace my old flame Lamb is forceful and succicnt. Nobody on the board is. We certainly need at least one of the pot plants replaced at the next election.

I am still mulling what my harrangue will be about. There are so many things wrong with the board and the administration that it's an embarrassment of riches.

I will decide what to deliver in my epistle while srolling up from the back of the room while Lamb tells me that he is counting my perp walk as part of my time. It makes him crazy that I don't line up on the side per instrucitons. He's into 4th-grade decorum.

Lamb taught 4th grade, I understand. I loved my 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts. She had a retarded daughter, Susie, who sat in the back of the room. We learned compassion from watching how Mrs. Roberts treated her child. We picked up Susie's crayons and told her that her coloring was beautiful like we heard Mrs. Roberts do.

I went to Susie's funeral at the Garden of Memories Cemetery years later. Retarded children usually die young.

For the life of me I can't see Dr. Lamb's teaching 4th-grade students. He doesn't seem to have the delicacy that the grade requires of the best 4th-grade teachers like Mrs. Roberts. She affected my life for the better.

That old darling Lamb is a natural fascist. He would be a guard at Auschwitz in another time. Can't you see him with his belly spilling over a Nazi belt-buckle in one of those zeig-heil uniforms? He'd also make a great Goebbels in a low-budget film. May cow dung be rained on the old darling's empty pate. lee drury de cesare