Monday, July 23, 2007


I've tried to put some distance between our plight in the district. Why not? It's summer vacation and I can keep my finger on the pulse without coming out of the cabana. The cadre of supporting bloggers are keeping a wary eye on the shenanigans.

We have a "settlement" that includes an 8.3% raise. NO mention of the extra period we are being forced to teach. Huh?

Last year we taught 5 of 7 periods = 71.4%
This year we teach 6 of 7 periods = 85.7%

This year we are working 14.3% more!

We have a "settlement" that includes an 8.3% raise. Huh?

Last year we could plan 2 of 7 periods = 28.5%
This year we plan 1 of 7 periods = 14.25%

This year we have our planning cut 50%

We have a "settlement" that includes an 8.3% raise. Huh?

"Teachers currently at the top of the schedule (Level 27) who do not receive a Level increase will receive a bonus of $1,000 to be paid before winter break."

That's right, Level 27 DOES NOT receive a level increase like the other levels.
They get a "bone-us". Why am I pissed for those folks? They got boned!
The "bone-us" does not get included in their retirement formula.

By not including it on the salary schedule it is a phantom number.

Call CTA and ask.

It is NOT the best we can get and we only need 50.0001% 'NO'.
There are 30,000 employees covered by this "settlement".

A big thank you to those teachers and ESP who gave up many days of their summer break to serve on the bargaining team. They are:

Carol Austin - Tomlin Middle School
Crystal Blanco, ESP - Roosevelt Elementary School
Tom Boyle - Adult and Community Ed Center
Marilyn Dupree, ESP - Lavoy Exceptional Center
Mary Grace Farina, Riverview High School
Elaine Fess - Tampa Bay Blvd. Elementary School
Kim Henriquez - Lowry Elementary
John Streater - Robinson High School
Also serving on the team were Jean Clements, CTA President and
Yvonne Lyons, Chief Negotiator "

Sorry, I can't "thank" these folks for this.