Thursday, August 26, 2010


For as angry as Candy made us I find it hard to believe she got 68% of the vote. Maybe it was SoHo pity that got her through the election. Guess you South Tampa teachers forgot about her comments during the 6 out of 7 throating we took.

Candy Olson - $25,007 vs. Frank Hernandez - $4,625

Life and the public finally caught up with Jennifer. Now the race is between:

Stacey White - $12,498.06 vs. Richard Bartels - $3,259.06

White spent 4 times the money for only 37 percent of the vote. 7% more than Bartels. I really like Bartels since Faliero threw her support on White all the while ole Stacey was accusing Bartels of being an insider? Huh? Her support of White leads me to endorse BARTELS. Bartels did nothing to prevent his teachers from speaking out against the 6 out of 7 throating. I respect that.

April Griffin - $44,447.65 vs. Sally Harris - $13,773.35 vs. Terry Kemple - $34,624.97 is a tough one. April met with teachers and listened to them during the 6 of 7 throating. She seems to have lost her fire and fallen under Elia's spell. Sally spent more than she took in and that exposes a flaw in my opinion. This leads me to root for Terry Kemble.

For the intrepid among you click down through the links and read who contributed to who - especially if you want to see who the insiders may be. Keep in mind what a starting teacher makes when you see these totals.

So come on folks - get out there in November!
Encourage your neighbors.

If you need motivation just read the past posts.