Thursday, November 27, 2008


To all who "visit" TheWALL.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The longer you're in HCPS the more obvious it is that any kind of questioning can cost you.

Suddenly you can end up floating, teaching an extra prep class (maybe even out of field), having some obnoxious duty, losing your preferred conference, having your lesson plans evaluated weekly, being evaluated early, observed often, sent to mind-numbing inservices, or termination.

The frequency of these incidents disturb me.

Maybe it's the way the district promotes from within. Golden boys and girls given a fast track into administration before they learn the people skills necessary to manage a faculty. Then when godfather or godmother call in favors their tenuous hold on their position makes them weak and compliant. Not the best qualities in a leader.

Doug Erwin was my clarion call. Bart Birdsall was a reminder. Now "goader" and "Tom".

This is why I will always remain Suzie.

Please follow both cases. It could, after all, be you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


But Jean Clements, president of the local teachers union, noted that shopping malls, not churches, were filled on Good Friday last spring. "That was a skip day for the entire county," she said.

I'll bet Jean ( C.T.A. Prez) did no research at all - what churches did she even drive by? Not mine. Talk about a snide remark from someone who purportedly encourages diversity. I wonder if she counted how many kids were at the Fair or Strawberry Festival?

Jean? Do I count?

Is it any wonder that the district must call in a crisis team to help our kids deal with tragic deaths? I guess I'm getting to be one of those religious zealots who remembers her religion getting her through the bad times in school. Guidance counselors and psychologists were good for interest surveys and college screenings but everyone at my school knew to go to a higher authority for the really big things.

"Others felt Christian values were getting short shrift.

"If we're going to talk about all the religions, then where are the Christians and the Catholics?" asked Luis Perez, president of the union representing Hillsborough's bus drivers and other blue-collar workers. "Have they been invited into these meetings?"

Bingo! Luis Perez should teach a thing or two to Jean.

I'm ready to start reclaiming my culture's position - while recognizing my neighbor's.
What the hell is so hard about that? Even Carol Kurdell should be able to draw a conclusion from the number of Good Friday '08 absences.

Figure out a 180 calendar, that's all the state will fund anyway
. Parents should prepare for Good Friday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I haven't done this for a while but there are points to be made. Even though goader contended that the salary scale for 08-09 is the same as 07-08 (and he's a sharp guy) I need something more concrete. This hit my mailbox about the time I talked with another teacher at level 27 who was equally disappointed (though thankful to be working). Can't help but think the district and association count on this.

Did anyone notice that the district is giving CTA room at the new ISC building? (Check the board's agenda.) You can draw your own conclusions.

From the mailbox:

Dear Suzie,

Thank you for championing the cause for the veteran teachers.

The district and the CTA are screwing us over and over. The association is blind (or complicit) to the fact that the "bone-us" the district offers is crap! Here's why: up until one gets to level 27 any days you do not take off become more valuable as your step increases. Those days you saved early by being a "perfect attendance" employee at step 1 through 26 grew with every step you advanced. Money in the bank - so to speak. Now once you are at Level 27 no more increase. For 5 years those days are level! (years of experience 26 -30) and so is your retirement. Check this.

My advice to those who think saving the sick days is doing you good - they are not. Need a day? Take it! Between inflation and the compressed steps it does you no good.

I'm pissed enough to go looking for a lawyer.

Thanks again Suzie - and Happy Veteran's day to those who served.

Level 27

Thank you for your insight Level 27. I await comments.