Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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Hey Joe

A middle school teacher can not teach at a high school unless certified
and yet that same non-certified teacher can go into a high school class and EVALUATE the high school teacher? And vice-versa.

There's a reason professional football TV analyst/commentators don't work NASCAR races.

We are sewing the parachute during free fall.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Did you know that according to a recent report from the US Dept. of Agriculture it cost a total of almost $227,000 (not including college) to raise a child born in 2010 through the age of 17?
That's an average of $13,352.94 a year!
A beginning teacher making $33,000.00 a year brings home at least $26,400.00
Hillsborough teachers, under the Gates grant dictates have a moving salary. Steps, raises, employment is questionable from year to year.

Teaching: becoming another form of birth control - something that could have prevented the birth of crack, meth, and oxycontin addicted babies entering our schools.