Monday, July 23, 2007


I've tried to put some distance between our plight in the district. Why not? It's summer vacation and I can keep my finger on the pulse without coming out of the cabana. The cadre of supporting bloggers are keeping a wary eye on the shenanigans.

We have a "settlement" that includes an 8.3% raise. NO mention of the extra period we are being forced to teach. Huh?

Last year we taught 5 of 7 periods = 71.4%
This year we teach 6 of 7 periods = 85.7%

This year we are working 14.3% more!

We have a "settlement" that includes an 8.3% raise. Huh?

Last year we could plan 2 of 7 periods = 28.5%
This year we plan 1 of 7 periods = 14.25%

This year we have our planning cut 50%

We have a "settlement" that includes an 8.3% raise. Huh?

"Teachers currently at the top of the schedule (Level 27) who do not receive a Level increase will receive a bonus of $1,000 to be paid before winter break."

That's right, Level 27 DOES NOT receive a level increase like the other levels.
They get a "bone-us". Why am I pissed for those folks? They got boned!
The "bone-us" does not get included in their retirement formula.

By not including it on the salary schedule it is a phantom number.

Call CTA and ask.

It is NOT the best we can get and we only need 50.0001% 'NO'.
There are 30,000 employees covered by this "settlement".

A big thank you to those teachers and ESP who gave up many days of their summer break to serve on the bargaining team. They are:

Carol Austin - Tomlin Middle School
Crystal Blanco, ESP - Roosevelt Elementary School
Tom Boyle - Adult and Community Ed Center
Marilyn Dupree, ESP - Lavoy Exceptional Center
Mary Grace Farina, Riverview High School
Elaine Fess - Tampa Bay Blvd. Elementary School
Kim Henriquez - Lowry Elementary
John Streater - Robinson High School
Also serving on the team were Jean Clements, CTA President and
Yvonne Lyons, Chief Negotiator "

Sorry, I can't "thank" these folks for this.


virgin cynic said...

"Sorry, I can't "thank" these folks for this."

I think those people need to be drug tested!

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

Where are other issues?

The 6/7 is approved by CTA? Were they not to try to expand the 300 minute clause to fully capture it's intent?

Why cannot I have a specialist and department head supplement? I could have any other combination of supplements.

How about the pool process, how units are labeled, and other hiring/jerking the teachers around practices?

What about how teachers are classified, especially ESE teachers by a disability category? This is not only a politically incorrect labeling, but a civil rights matter to boot. But I guess if the thought processes is 20-30 years old....

Yep, I am already planning a nice long weekend in Sanibel with this years dues money.

Midnight Moose said...

Don't forget, CTA has buried the fact that the 8.3% "raise" also includes the money necessary to pay us for the longer work day. How can CTA call that a "raise" and keep a straight face??? Someone needs to take them to task!

Unfortunately, most of the districts' teachers will roll over and gratefully accept this blatant lie AND truly believe they are getting an 8% raise.

Until the teachers in this district recognize that CTA has been screwing teachers for years, it will be more of the same.

In the immortal words of Earl Pitts: "WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!"

Anonymous said...

My bet is that it will pass... we will be out numbered by the elementary folks. Why wouldn't they vote for it... they don't have to do more work next year so this will be a "raise" for them. Griffth has a thread on her blog regarding this issue... perhaps we should share our thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Pass on the bonus tidbit to the elementary teachers. I'm sure there are some at the top end of the scale.

Retirement formulas don't discriminate. They got screwed as bad as Middle and High school.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. There is absolutely no way for an accurate vote count.

The CTA sends out blank voting forms to everyone. What's to prevent a teacher from sending in 10 or 20 of them marked with a "yes" or "no" vote?

I have absolutely no confidence that the results they announce are accurate.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

THAT'S been bothering me too. We seem to be in the Dark Ages with this stuff.

But don't all of these 'little' things seem to be in context with the level of "transparency", integrity, and fraternity displayed in our district.

"Be wary, wary, wary of these wascals." -E. Fudd

Anonymous said...

If I may borrow from Bloom, I would like to summarize our position. We have some KNOWLEDGE of the details of the raise, but not quite enough. Together we are gaining UNDERSTANDING of its implications. Through mental APPLICATION, we individually study its meaning. We now have several forms of ANALYSIS to contemplate. We are awaiting responses so we might SYNTHESIZE the information to see if works for us. Finally, we hope to be in a position to EVALUATE its substance so we might cast an informed vote.
In the meantime, as we await further information I have another inquiry. We have not discussed the administration raise much. The statement* in the St. Petersburg Times says, "Principals and other administrators will see their salary increased by 5.5 percent." That is glaringly simple language compared to the teacher raise with all its conditions and convoluted language. I'm not sure where the paper got that information.
I have two questions. Is the administration increase a straightforward 5.5% across the board raise? And, is it part of a package so that when teachers vote for or against the proposal is it included in that vote? In other words, do administrators and teachers vote for their respective raises separately? Or, is there only one vote where everyone, teachers and administrators vote for a package-type deal. That's it. Can anyone provide an answer to these two questions? Don't worry I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Anonymous said...

I AM voting NO! Anyone wanna make lapel pins? Send me 50 for my school--I'll pass 'em out! I refuse to take this one!I have been taken advantage of one (or two..or three...) too many times! I'm tired of Queen Elia and her court(uh-that would be HCSB and CTA) taking advantage of our giving nature--the very reason we teach and assuming we will continue to give-- I HAVE NO MORE TO GIVE. Yes, Sis-- I'll be putting that extra $$$ to a good use, too! Let's all enjoy the rest of the summer and gird our loins ro quite a year!

Anonymous said...

Folks...I totally agree with your thoughts. But, elementary and middle school teachers will vote yes. There's more of them than you, and they love Elia.

I think Elia has written off the HS teachers, and has instead focused her energy on those that will get her the most traction. They're unwitting pawns, but they see HS teachers as whining, spoiled brats. Sad, but that's what's happening. She's a smart superintendent, and knows how to play politics.

Remember, too, most voters see that teachers have received 18% over two years, while they've received 5-6% at their jobs. And, they see you working from 7:30-3:00 with summers off. It's a PR battle which you can't win.

Plus, she's asking you to work only what's in your contract. Regardless of how you spin it, she's got the upper hand in the media.

I know your issues, but it doesn't matter because no one but a teacher understands the issues. So, you're outnumbered with very little support.

Don't shoot the messenger.