Thursday, June 28, 2007


With contract negotiations in full swing, why do we have to rely on a third party for information? The Gradebook has our collective thanks for correcting our misconceptions with the facts.

It is demoralizing to know things are happening and CTA has left its membership in the dark!

Why is CTA's web site NOT reflecting an up-to-the-minute report on how negotiations are going?

It should have the sessions listed with the agenda of each.
It should let the membership know that they are welcomed.
It should let us know that 2 early release days were "approved".
It should let us know that we will be working an 8 hour day (remember last year's agreement?).
It should let us know each side's opening position and whether we have any NEA professional negotiator present.
It should let us know, period.

Why have a website that is, for the most part, static.

P.S. This blog took about an hour to set up (start - finish) and I knew nothing!

Those of you who were here from the start know the generous help I got from others. THAT'S partially the root of this posting: for an organization that purportedly represents the education profession, they appear reluctant to "extend their skills" for effective communication.

And that doesn't mean we need to buy them all iPhones!


Anonymous said...

So send this infomation to Yvonne Lyons and keep at it until she gets it. She can be accessed through school email. Our persistence paid off with the board -- to some extent. Let's be a squeaky wheel and continue to relentlessly insist that CTA do a better job of using the website to keep members/stakeholders informed.rzdnpefx

Anonymous said...

My mistake -- send your email to Jean Clements, CTA President. You will get an autoreply, but when I have done this in the past, most often it was Lyons who responded.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Sorry but Suzie is going to STAY under the radar.

That means a firewall that does not get breached for any reason whatsoever and a "consultant" to watch out for me.

I learned a huge lesson following Doug Erwin's Trials and Tribulations.

Besides it 2007, heading towards '08, if they don't check "The WALL" then it shows that CTA really needs to get a cyber-clue.

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

So Right, Suzie.

CTA reads this.

When you use IDEAS for "CTA" president there are 4 links that pop up. Who is who? I end up using all 4 so someone will pick it up. Do not use "Jean Clements" via IDEAS, that's Jean's old school email, and she rarely checks that.

I sent an email to Leticia Stein about the message Jim got from CTA, and hence the story. I would love to know who told Jim that the negotiations were closed to teachers.

Has anyone gone this week?

jim said...

Jim here:

I was going to go this week until I read that the CTA isn't even on the hard stuff yet.

Since The Gradebook was kind enough to tell us when the bargaining dates are, I'll be going during the July 16-20 period.

CTA, if you're reading this, please come into the 20th century and use a blog or your website to update your members. Instead of sending letters to union reps, who sometimes don't forward them on, please use your website to communicate more effectively.

virgin cynic said...

If I were able, I'd go for the "easy" stuff too. Why? To get an idea on how the "negotiators" negotiate.

Like in poker: every little move means something.

Anonymous said...

We do need to keep on CTA that they meet our expectations regarding the reasons WE elected THEM to represent US. Bargaining in good faith toward an announced goal would be a ggod start. Bargaining on issues that matter most may just keep CTA's head attached---to a union that may no longer be. We are all waiting to see what they do.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to remain a CTA member UNTIl they try to get us to approve their *#@!$*+= of a "contract when I will vote resounding "NO"!!!!!!! Then I will happily choose to not throw away my very hard earned money every month!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Check out the hatred one reader has for teachers.

Dixi said...

In the St. Pete Times article “Elia Studies Bid to Lead Florida School” (July 4, 2007), Elia is quoted as saying “I am very attuned to Hillsborough County schools and I have work to do here.” She is, however, toying around with the idea of tossing her hat in the ring for the job of state education commissioner.

If Elia believes she is attuned to Hillsborough County schools, she is even crazier than I thought. The Random House Webster’s Dictionary definition of attune is: to bring into accord, harmony or sympathetic relationship. All anyone has to do is to watch the angry teachers who have been showing up at school board meetings to see there is no accord on her decisions. The number of teachers choosing to resign extra-curricular activities certainly does not speak to any amount of harmony. Finally, Elia lack of leadership that she proved by making a unilateral decision without consulting any of the stakeholders on the 300 minute issue smacks of a very UNsympathetic relationship.

As usual though, in the trusty good old boys system of education in Hillsborough County and the state of Florida, it’s the Peter Principle and beyond. Not only has Elia been promoted to her level of incompetence, but then she may be rewarded for that and promoted even further. Maybe this should be called the Hillsborough Principle.

Link to article:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's OVER qualified for a state bureaucratic position. ;>)