Thursday, June 21, 2007

POT(ted plant) SHOTS

Here is how Lambo and the Queen of Candyland treat citizens who question their spending and hiring practices.

These dismissive and vindictive comments appear to be an indication of the general heat they are feeling. Please print this out and file it. Take it to the polling place. Let's enforce the district's bullying policy!


I think you need to check your facts as to who was on the board at that time and the gentleman’s name also I think was incorrect.

Thank You.


I’m going to say first of all that I think it’s interesting that you either agree with someone or you’re a rubber stamp or a potted plant.

Number two, those statements are inaccurate. Anyone who paid attention to that hiring process knows full well that Mrs. Elia didn’t have the inside track going in and I think anyone who bet on her would have been prepared to lose a bunch of money.

Paper is one part of the hiring process and to the best of my knowledge there is no business in the country that doesn’t do interviews and background checks before it makes the hiring because there is more to life than good grammar and commas. There are things like clarity and commitment and energy and I will just say also I think it’s very interesting that a woman that claims to be a feminist generally takes as her target other women.

Thank you.

(meeting gaveled to a close)


The revealing video is available via the Stream 'n' Scream link. It also shows the Queen reading from her royal notes.

Lamb refers to Otero as Brinson.
Dr. Dagget (Forum fiasco) to sell us (my words) on "Cultural Competence" teacher training. Lamb (obviously reading The Wall) asks Luney to make sure we copyright our materials.

This is so comment rich that I'd have to neglect important bodily needs and functions to get them all out. Have at it readers!


Matthew K. Tabor said...

The link works, but the video doesn't seem to work on the Archive section of the site.

I'd like to see this exchange.

virgin cynic said...

Click on the link.
Click on "On Demand"
Click on Tuesday, 06/19/2007

Have clothes-pin handy.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Check out Mr. Tabor's site. Very good reading.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Lamb also welcomed the class of 2000 at Freedom's graduation this year. And, during Freedom's graduation in 2004, he referred to them as the graduating class from Wharton. Twice.

One wonders what level of detail he can master when he can't even get the easy things right.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Peter Principle"? Caricature?

I suspect his health will prevent him from running for another term.

Anonymous said...

Don't count Lamb out. He's probably got lots of people he can count on for money, and will use that to his advantage by using the mail to get out his name.

What remains to be seen is if Burns can get the teachers to walk the neighborhoods and win it one vote at a time.

Anonymous said...

Have you listened to his breathing problems?

Have you see him try to motor through a crowd?

His lapses of memory?

Unless he is so addicted to the position, I really believe he doesn't have the stamina to mount a campaign.

Then again, who knows?

I remember thinking the same about Mr. Barrington.

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I volunteered for helping out Fred Burn's campaign. I'll be working the Lutz area, anyone want to join me?

Jim said...


I called CTA today to check the times for today's bargaining session. They told me teachers could not attend and that the sessions were only for members of the bargaining team.

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

Isn't that against the law? All bargaining is open to the public. You can observe.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Thank you for calling and posting.

What time did you call?
Did you get the name of the person who told you it was for bargaining team members only?

This is the kind of thing we need to document, and document, and document.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Found on "Gradebook". Pasco County's must be open to all! Something is not right.

If you go
Bargaining table

Formal negotiations open today and resume Tuesday at the same time and place.

When: 1 p.m.

Where: Union headquarters, 21322 Lake Patience Road in Land O'Lakes.

Anonymous said...

That comma link was a riot!

Thanks for "something different".

jim said...

I called at 12:00 this afternoon, because I wanted to see if the session was still on. I didn't get the name of the individual.

Someone else want to call tomorrow?

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

Jim, please get us the names of whom you spoke to about closed doors.

I will link this to the St. Pete Times, but it would help if many of us did, too. There are "Sunshine State Laws".mominLOL1mominLOL1

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

Did everyone see this posting ( (sorry for my poor computer skills) on the Gradebook?

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Jim's posting got a response! On the gradebook blog .

Too bad we didn't have the name of the person who told Jim he couldn't come. Now we know better!

Click on "response" for the whole story.

Thanks to "Gradebook" for going to the Lyon's mouth!

"worlds apart" doesn't sound good.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago, when HSEF was in negotiations with the board and they got word we(200 union and non union Drivers, riders, mechanics, custodial, & food service) were coming, they shut us out.

Anonymous said...

Here is my comment concerning labor negotiations in the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Bart Birdsall sent this to Candy Olson after she attempted to berate Lee DeCesare's admonitions. A friend forwarded this to me.

Dear Boardmember Olson,
I watched the school board meeting of June 19 last night.
Lee's comments about hiring are not new to you or any board member. She has said these things before. Yet I have never heard any specific, tangible/concrete arguments refuting her comments. I would like details about why she is wrong, and I would love them to be discussed at a public board meeting out in the open. Taxpayers need and deserve the facts. If Lee is mistaken, I think you should say exactly why. Maybe the hiring of Dr. Lennard and Mrs. Elia should be reviewed. Every board member present at the vote should tell the public exactly what was discussed while hiring and why Elia was chosen.
You have spoken often about needing transparency of government. I agree with you on that. Therefore, I would like exact details of why the ad for Superintendent included a vocational tech background when Lennard was up for the job and a doctorate and then suddenly when Elia was up for the job why the Ph.D. requirement was dropped and only "preferred." I am sure that the public would like to know this as well. A friend of mine applied for a job in Ft. Lauderdale and when the principal saw that he came from Hillsborough County, the principal chuckled and made a comment about how Hillsborough is a laughingstock because it has a Superintendent without a Ph.D.
Now I don't think a Ph.D means anything but more hoops. My three Master's degree (and if I one day decide to go for a doctorate) only means I decided to jump through a few extra hoops. It doesn't mean I can lead or do anything with those degrees. However, it is an indication of certain qualities. When someone has spent extra money, time, energy and determination toward a Ph.D, he/she is willing to go the extra mile to obtain or achieve something. That speaks volumes about the person, and that is why society respects the Ph.D despite it being a piece of paper. Lee says the other candidates were superior. No where in your rebuttal did I hear specifics as to why they were not superior. If you choose to take the microphone to dispute her, then dispute her with concrete facts. That is the foundation of good debating.
Lee is doing a service to the community whether you believe this or not. Anyone who can not take Lee's criticism should get out of the kitchen. I have taken plenty of criticism from Lee despite our very strong friendship, so I am not immune to her criticism. But I think you need to see the bigger picture and how she is attempting to improve things and make the school district better and make you a better school board member, etc. She is holding the school district accountable for its decisions. Criticism forces a system to get better. No child improves his/her writing without the red pen corrections that show what needs improvement. Children will continue to write, "I ain't gonna write no paper" without correction. You should want the district to continuously improve, for that is what Lee wants. You should be glad that a citizen like Lee is doing her part in democracy and speaking out about what she believes to be wrongdoing. Being defensive and making vague statements to defend yourself does not improve the district. That keeps the status quo. Tell the public why Lee is wrong, if she indeed is. Tell us specifics. For example, "Five of the candidates did not pass the background checks, one did not have experience in finances, one did not etc., etc. etc." Obviously, you do not have to give names, but at least give us the reasons why Elia was chosen above the others. So far the public has not been happy with Elia, and, therefore, you owe it to the public to say why you and the others voted for Elia. One item you cited was "clarity" as being an important trait in a Superintendent. So far the public has let you know that they have not been clear on notification of various issues such as 300 minutes, boundary changes, etc. Elia is not exhibiting the clarity you claim is important to a candidate. She may have energy. In fact, she had lots of energy to jumpstart an investigation into a peon librarian. That I will give you, and I do believe a Superintendent needs energy. What else did you see in Elia?
Your very last comment to Lee was not logical. She was not standing before you discussing feminism. If she had discussed feminism, I could see why you would have brought that up, but even then, a feminist has every right to criticize and complain about women that she does not think are doing the right thing. I don't believe feminism advocates that women all stick together and ignore wrongdoing or keep quiet about other women's deficiencies. There is a concept of Feminisms anyway that I learned at UF. I was surrounded by feminists, and none of them agreed on everything, b/c there are Feminisms, not one party line.
That was simply an attempt to denigrate Lee publicly, and that is your choice, but I think it sounded and looked illogical and out of place, especially for viewers who do not know your history with Lee. It was deflecting the issue at hand. It would have been much more logical to stick to the particular topic Lee was discussing. Lee's criticisms seem valid, and the public (myself included) would love for you to refute her criticism with intelligence and facts.
If you do not believe taxpayers and citizens should hold the school district accountable, then continue making snippy comments to them like you did to Lee. Otherwise, stick to the topic and address it with more detail and important information so we citizens may learn and find out more information which will create the transparency that you believe in.
Bart Birdsall

Anonymous said...

The Board has evaluated Ms. Elia. I hear from an inside source that Griffin's and Valdes's evalluations are not good for La Superintendent.

I have asked Steve Hegarty twice for the evaluations. He says they "aren't ready" yet. I will ask a 3rd time. Other people should write Steve for the evaluations too. I don't know why those evaluations should not be readily available.They can't bowderlize them--they would if they could and get away with it.

Two teachers were suspended. One is the case of a teacher whom her principal framed because he suffers from principal pathology. The hearings will be soon. Bart Birdsall, who was previously railroaded by Professional Standards and Abu Ghraib Kipley is taking a hand in defending one of the women, Janet. Professional Standards is nothing but an arm of the superintendent to use to terrify teachers about losing their jobs to keep them silent. The answer is to squawk even more and defy this tyranny.

After school starts--whenever that is--I will renew my reminders to the board that it has not yet given teachers and students a place on the board agenda. Board members and administrators hope that I have given up on that project. I haven't.

I think I should get a Nobel nomination for attending those wretched board meetings during the summer while the teachers were on vacation frolics. I sit in the back of the room and refuse to line up on the wall per Lamb instructions.
That makes the chair crazy. So when I get up from the back to walk to the podium, Le Lamb says always: "Ms. De Cesare, your time has begun." He penalizes me for the few steps it takes to get to the podium from the back of the room. This man is a toughie. He got his training at the Nazi death camps. I told Le Lambarino last meeting that I was not going to stand in the Winn Dixie line against the wall.

I have a new blog:bayareagrammargrinch.blogspot. It reviews the grammar and punctuation of Bay Area newspapers and excoriates their sexism. My blog on the national newspapers Grammargrinch.blogspot is my hottest hit counter.Who would have predicted such press hunger for grammar lessons? So I thought I would do a down-home version of this blog. My best entries in the current blog are Weekly Loafing's and Poynter's. I also tag the SPTimes, the Tribune, La Gaceta, and The Beach Beacon, my little hometown beach paper. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

lee drury de cesare