Sunday, November 11, 2007


It's Sunday night and I'm seriously considering NOT going in tomorrow.

Again there weren't enough subs to go around this week. Some of us worked 7 for 7 a couple of days. Half hour for lunch and no time for anything else. I came real close to being "unprofessional" with a parent who just made the mistake of making a stray comment.

It's becoming more and more apparent that not enough people ( board members, district staff, administration, fellow teachers, and parents) really give a crap. Funny, because I wasn't allowed enough time to take one. I guess walking into my Principal's office and needing to sign out because "I crapped my pants" is becoming closer and closer to reality. Before that happens and everyone involved is embarrassed I'm looking at my other "options".

Too many teachers don't look up from their work when we talk.

My spouse said I need some "time out".

Perhaps WE ALL need some "time out".

Care to take 2 - 3 days off together sometime?


twinkobie said...

Susie, nobody ever changed the world by whining.

People who change the world fight. You are not fighting any more. It's like I hear women in bad marriages always lamenting, never acting. They go on slopping the hogs, mopping the floor, scrubbing the toilet, and lamenting.

There were two teachers who appeared at the board meeting on the 16th. Go to Scream and Stream and watch them. They are like fish dying on the shore. They were so reasonable and humble. One never makes a dint with reasonable and humble. Always be unreasonable. Always be arrogant.
That's the ticket against small-bore tyrants like the administration and the school board. Never defend. Always attack.

Griffin and Valdes have flushed out the no-bid scam. Go to my blog; I am after the colluding lawyer Gonzalez who adovcates no bids and has profited from it. I am in my high-banshee mode for the task.

Why aren't the troops at that podiium every board meeting giving the board and the administration hell? Give the attorney hell as well. He understands you have free-speech rights if you will use. them.

Get off your glutei, Susie, and stop all those fertilizer metaphors, for heaven's sake, or I will have to report you to Mother Susie. We mothers civilize the world. And so do we grannies. That is our task until we die.

Fight,for God's sake. You have the gift of leadership. Use it to rally the opposition. Don't sound like sick puppies. Sound like warriors. Stap on your breast plates and charge.

Once more into the breach.


Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I am with you Suzie. I posted to my blog yesterday, and saw it was more than a month since the last post. Like Lee said.. we are like fish dying on the shore. I save my "fight" for the kids, I have got to give them what ever I can. Then....... there is so little left.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, personal days are being used much more than last year. We all need time off.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree with twinkobie on the whining Suzie.

If I read between the lines it sounds like maybe a group "sick-out" has crossed your mind.

If enough people take enough sick time at once it could conceivably cause some schools to shut down. Parents would notice and put pressure on the board to solve this.

Maybe I'm wrong but I could go for something like that. In fact maybe a good case of FCAT flu around test time!

twinkobie said...

I don't care what you do, just do something. Elia and her potted plants on the board think they have beaten you again. lee

Anonymous said...

Cough... cough... sneeze... sneeze....

I'm... feeling... a... cold... coming... on....

Anybody else feeling sick?


Anonymous said...

We need a date that is the most effective and efficient use of the time.

Once we establish that we can act collectively we will establish our points and position.

January 3, 4, and 5 ?

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem, folks. Your position has no traction outside of the limited high school world.

While I support your position, the protest downtown earlier this year was a flop because the general public is being asked to work more hours, so why not teachers?

Go after the $157,000 no-bid contract. Your neighbors, who may be elementary school teachers, will respond more favorably to that issue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. We have to focus on issues that the public cares about... which isn't us! It is their tax dollars being wasted away by an idiotic school board.We need to tie these two issues together. We are forced to teach 6/7 because of our wasteful board.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. We have to focus on issues that the public cares about... which isn't us! It is their tax dollars being wasted away by an idiotic school board.We need to tie these two issues together. We are forced to teach 6/7 because of our wasteful board. Our students are suffering because of a wasteful board. We should focus our energy this year on getting Burns on the board... thats our best shot of getting rid of 6/7.

Anonymous said...

Here is my reply to anonymous 10:39 PM

leedrurydecesarescasting-roomcouch said...

I agree with this comment of the anonymous comments:

Go after the $157,000 no-bid contract. Your neighbors, who may be elementary school teachers, will respond more favorably to that issue.

But you have to show up at the board and castigate the board on the scene so that you appear on Stream and Scream. Caterwauling in private is useless. You have to cause pain to board members lusting to stay on the board: these are Lamb, Edgecomb, and Kurdell, who are coming up for election.

Here's the drumbeat: "Board members, if you want to keep your jobs, fire Elia. She wastes taxpayer money that could be spent on classrooms on no-bid contracts to buddies and makes the administration dumb by staffing it with her no-talent buddies, sychophants, and hangers on. She wastes tax money by loading bloated salaries on these no-talent administration buddy appointee. Your voters will not vote for you when they find out you support Elia's wasting tax money on no-bid bids and not advertising jobs.

Don't be humble and supplicate like the two poor teachers did at the 16th November meeting. Stride up to the mike and bark out conditions for the board members to get your support and that of your family and friends. And remind them that there are many more teachers than administrators.

Gird up your loins and use your names instead of "anonymous"; I helped Bart back down the Professional Standards efforts to fire him. Bart and I will help anybody whom the administration is dumb enough to try to fire for speaking out. Remember what Shakespeare said: "There is a time in the affairs of men [add "women"] which, taken at the flood, leads on to greatness. Omitted, all their lives are bound in shallows and in the miseries."

At the end of your life, you will regret what you did not do, not what you did. I wish Susie Creamcheese would emerge from anonymnity and throw down the gauntlet. She is a natural leader and could rally others to come out of the anonymous closet.

Don't expect the board to rescue teachers. The teachers must reverse that equation and make the board know that it is teachers who can rescue board members.

Nobody gives you power. You take it.


Anonymous said...

So, you folks want to give up???

Chastising the Board for no-bid contracts, etc, will NOT draw attention to the fact that we are not being given the opportunity to do our jobs effectively.

Yes, people in all walks of life are being asked to work more hours for less money, but does that make it right? They are not happy about it. Perhaps they should speak up also. Perhaps they should unionize.

Are we to give up without a fight? We are the teachers. We are supposed to lead the way.

I think we need to stay focused. The whole 300 minute decision is a very specific decision that we need to have overturned.

Anonymous said...


deepcover said...

Goader, GREAT response!

I wish someone would point out where it was mentioned about "giving up". I've read Suz's post a couple of times now.

Anyone who doesn't consider "other options" loses any game they play. I don't know anyone who plays to lose.

I work with folks who play for keeps.

Sometimes one must take a breath and evaluate their position.

Exhale Suzie.

Anonymous said...

If you read my blog castingroomcouch, you will see that I am going after exposing the lawyer Gonzalez, board attorney, for his getting a no-bid contract from Lennard; then his company made hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers. I believe he was lead attorney in the Erwin crucifixion. I am now in the process of extracting public information from him on how much money his firm made from the Erwin case: the board appealed the Erwin win, so the Gonzalez must have recommended the appeal, from which his firm made even more money from the savaging of Erwin.

If you watched the November 16th meeting, you would have seen Mr. Gonzalez deliver an endorsement of the no-bid outrage (and why not? He's a client of the situation) and emphasize the difficulty of writing contracts so that it seems the task too complex for the administration to perform. That the administraton D students are too obtuse to write bids is a real possibility. Then Elia can hire consultants to write the bids. This administration governs by bids. The administration hacks are too dumb to do the simplest administrative task.

The attorney's part of the taxpayer gravy train is my inference; all the podium dwellers are are in some way or another.

Faliera just assumed chairship of the board. I sense she may be doing a turnaround, but I am not holding my breath.

The task now is to convince the board members up for re-election--Kurdell, Edgecomb, and Lamb that the voters won't vote incumbents back on the board who sponsor no-bid contracts and no-advertising bloated-salary administrative jobs and that v voters will dump them if they continue this route.

I think Burns has a real chance of displacing Lamb. If that happens and if Faliera sees the handwriting on the wall and switches allegiance to the Minions of the Light, then that contingent will have a majority on the board and Ms. Elia's days are numbered. A condition for the new superintendent should be a policy of including teachers in decision making, especially in things that affect them such as extra-class decisons. Teachrs should also have representation on the committee that winnows the superintendent candidates. They should not sit back and let another insider win the job with no consideration of outside candidates. That has been the pattern so far and the way the inside crooks maintain their hegemony.

Nothing is impossible if the Minions of the Light keep chipping away.

lee drury de cesare

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about this?:

It should not be difficult to verify since. Was Mark Hart married? Is Ms. Falerio still with him? Is that why she moved to Davis Island? Is Mr. Falerio still with this man's ex-wife? What influence did these affairs have on board decisions?

And this man can't get a job because of what his ex-wife did because of who she did it with?

The ramifications of how these events, if true, may have effected Board votes during that critical time of difficulties between these people may be significant.

From: Texting Puts Teacher In Bind
By VALERIE KALFRIN, The Tampa Tribune

Published: November 22, 2007

Posted by ( cshultz110 ) on November 22, 2007 at 1:06 p.m. ( Suggest removal )


You are completely correct! God forbid the truth come out. It is all politics, just ask Jenifer Felairo and Mark Hart (Opps, I forgot that affair was covered up . . . I am sooo sorry!) he, he Amazing how he just "left".

Folks, I have been in this district for 11 years and know for a fact that it IS a good ole' boys system. Lots of corruption and politics. To give you an idea (and yes, this is first hand knowledge), I was a band director and took a leave of absence last year after my now ex-wife had an affair with a promonent school board members now ex-husband. (Yes, they were both cheating on each other. See previously mentioned) After getting my act back together and returning from my leave, I was shocked to find that no principal would hire me. Not because of my performance, but because nobody wanted to touch the situation since it delt directly with a school board member and the politics it would involve. That is our school board folks!!! I can't wait for Mr. S to be obsolved of this accusations. Shame on the parent who is a teacher trying to play the system to get what they want. That should be the real headline: "How a teacher uses politics to ruin anothers career and how the school board helps them to do it."

Anonymous said...

You can find additional background on the previous post here.

Anonymous said...

If Falerio followed her Hart to Davis Island AND then tried to pass it off as a friend's attempt to help her afford life during divorce -

If Board members were aware of the identity of her "helper" as well as the background of her problems -

we have a character problem that goes to the roots of our Board.

Well Ladies and Gentleman of the Board?

Anonymous said...

So what are we going to do? Are we going to pick a day that everyone calls in for? What days? How will we get this out, in order to have enough people do it? I guess strength in numbers…

I was thinking that when grades and test scores drop next year, which I think they will, people will start to notice. I know that I am not teaching like I did last year because of all of the restraints. I don't know. We have got to do something, and soon.

I know teachers want to stay anonymous because we are under a microscope. I can't leave my house without being approached. If I "rock the boat" and represent a minority of malcontents, I will severely pay for it. However, if this is backed by droves, the chances are greatly reduced.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking November 30th off. I hope everyone joins me. I will not be putting in for a sub until that morning to help legitamize how "sick" I am.

Anonymous said...

How do we all do it? How do we get the word out about 11/30? It won't do anything unless A TON of teachers do it. I am doing it too!

Anonymous said...

I called in for a sub for 11/30 today...

Anonymous said...

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