Saturday, June 14, 2008


I can't help but think that the Trib's meeting with that group of teachers opened their eyes to more than just the extra period forced on us. Thanks to all who went!

Keep your eyes on "TheWALL" for info about the political group that is forming to take a stand on/with the candidates running for a School Board position. This cadre sounds very independent and will step in where CTA fears to tread.

Join them - Support them. And for your own sake: VOTE!

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"The district is pushing more and more students into honors courses and Advanced Placement courses whether they are academically suited for the work or not, all in the name of - " *MONEY.

* my word. I have not forgotten the AP bonus our superintendent qualifies for based on the number of students enrolled in AP classes.


"Some teachers say they've had to adjust their curriculum to adapt to these lower-performing students - rather than let them flounder - so an honors course in some instances isn't as rigorous as it used to be."

Don't forget that students enrolled in these classes also have an "entitlement" attitude when it comes to grades. This attitude is fueled by their parents who just don't accept the fact that they may not be AP-capable. Considering the bill of goods they have been sold by guidance counselors and administrators trying to fill up these classes, what do we expect?


"...regular courses these days - well, those used to be called "remedial."

Except now "remedial" has become a stigma since mommy and daddy know the definition.


I feel sorry for yesterday's new hires who don't know that they signed up to teach "regular" and have absolutely no clue what "remedial" takes.

No wonder our labor pool is hurting.


Anonymous said...

The public will generalize and blame the teachers instead of the politicians and administrators.

The Special Ed Concierge said...

I have added a little fuel to the fire over on my blog while I was smokin' in the boy's room with Petula Clark.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet everyone--we still need volunteers for the candidate forum---hope to see you there! Meanwhile--let's keep turning up the heat! Hot Time in the Summertime!

ananymous, of course