Tuesday, September 9, 2008


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Stallin For Time?

Board Meeting

Haven't made it through a complete "showing" yet so please check back.

For God's sake Ms. Faliero, gather your wits before you speak. Shouldn't the person running the meeting actually know how? Could it be you are more sympathetic to Lee DeCesare because your deliveries are so alike? If I ran my classroom like you run the meetings my principal would have me removed before the kids ate me alive.

This award goes to Carol Kurdell, for her transparent plea to
the superintendent hoping that “something could be done for our people”. Yeah Carol, who woke you up? Steve Gorman?

Between the budget reading and the busing CYA preamble, I get groggy. From the trenches, it seems like the class size amendment has really taken its toll. Coupled with our politicians insistence on underfunding education and mandating all kinds of unfunded programs this was bound to happen.
Superintendent takes a bonus, district tries to cover labor costs with million dollar software, teachers forced to replace conference period with extra class, bus drivers are paid 9 bucks an hour, etc, etc. Your kids don't know what the yellow hound will do and neither do you.

The problem is systemic. Responsibilities get heaped on those who used to be effective. Everyone has now reached saturation. There is no time to ponder and examine your decisions. You must manage the crisis du jour and let the rest go until they reach crisis. Does anyone really think that Joe Franklin got up every morning thinking "Let's REALLY screw up today."

Did you hear between the lines? Who do they have answering the phones on the phone bank? Supervisors and management! Who's doing their work while they try and quell the public anger? Clericals? They get what? $8 an hour?

Steve Otto's Springboard column and the district's behind the scenes attempt to gin up support for the program has come to light in Matt Tabor's acclaimed education blog.

This is not a defense. You can't be expected to coordinate the roll out of such an all encompassing program across the 8th largest school district in the nation on a shoestring staff. Who do you think we are? WalMart? The "transportation model" failed. Why duplicate it with curriculum?

Meanwhile teachers wait for resources. Of course, Bill Gates can fund the thing but not get his hands dirty in the delivery or management process. College Board? Aren't they the ones who sold us this?

Its only a matter of time. Wait for the rest of the shoes to drop.


Anonymous said...

Fascist garb is very becoming on her...

lee de cesare said...

"Could it be you are more sympathetic to Lee DeCesare because your deliveries are so alike?"

Who wrote this vile comparison of me and Pole Girl Falliera in the most recent post?

Whoever it was, meet me in the ROSSAC parking lot after the next board meeting. Bring your brass knucles. Don't let my being an aged granny of ten deter you. I am sprightly despite my age and infirmities in the fisticuffs brass knuckles protocols, I assure you. lee drury de cesare

Goader said...


You might wish to take a lesson from Abraham Lincoln when he accepted a duel from then state auditor James Shields. Lincoln, being the one challenged, could choose the weapons to be used. Lincoln, ever the cagey one, chose cow-pies as his weapon of first choice. When this proved to be a further insult his second choice was broadswords and limiting the size of the arena. Being tall and lanky and with a superior reach, Shields quickly saw the futility of such an endeavor and called off the duel.

List of duels

Anonymous said...

Lee has wits to spare--she just needs to do what she used to preach--take notecards up to the podium to speak--especially if it's to be a stressful situation )uh--hostile eyes glaring and a quick buzzer finger--hmmm). Thanks to her for taking on our cause. As for jenny--she may have two wits, of any. For Pete's sake--she's the epitome of the dumb blonde--either she's got to do color or I will!!!!