Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Traveling around the county provides an uncommon glimpse into the cultural of the "schoolyard".

Too many managers - not enough leaders.
Too many rules - not enough staff to follow through.

Crisis management - spin dizzy response.

This is an uncommon and courageous letter and post about what we all know is true.

While most traveling employees have witnessed what the author has, this letter could not have been written by just anyone.

He is on the line. We must thank him.

Now let's watch and hope somebody cares.


Anonymous said...

A truly powerful, accurate description of how student life has evolved.

Add the bus ride, bathroom/locker room conditions, air quality, plus the inherent stress of an environment similar to a tourette's clinic and it's a wonder how anyone gets anything done.

-and we are to blame.

Leondra said...

Yeah... I am tired of sitting back and taking the punches... "adapt to the crap" policy.

I DO CARE, and I hate the compromises to which we have succumbed. Massaged data and spin hurts us most in the trenches. (Wish I bought that T-Shirt, "It is what it is... and it ain't what it ain't".)

We need to move foreward, we need to find ways to use technology.


Why do I have GGDs (bubble in grade gathering documents) and the same to rate my administrators? ...

I want the web-based "texts" linked video, reinforcement "games" (oh, banned on HCSD), on-going assessments, and individualized learning/lesson planning that's out there.

If I Ruled the World.... (sorry no way to embed Coldplay).

Goader said...


Your characterization is right on. The notion that even one other person could call a halt to it is equally accurate. It is interesting you use the word "bullies" in your characterization. It is telling at a time when bullying has gone front and center, and those called upon to create an anti-bullying policy are the bullies in this case. It is a clear case of Bullying From the Top Down.