Monday, November 9, 2009


Grapevine says we start FAIR testing the first week of December.

Not sure about everyone else but I lost 8 days in September to FAIR testing. I figure that this will measure my influence of 12 weeks - at best. About the only accurate measurement for that time span would be hair growth and schedule changes!

Its not even enough time to add the necessary computer internet bandwidth.

Am I the only one that thinks this bus is careening down the mountain barely under control?

-Bill Gates should promote
"learning" the way Microsoft
is promoting Windows 7.
Let's see what he can do to
counter what the kids are
being bombarded with.


Anonymous said...

What do you care?

Are you kidding? If the district, your employer, wants these tests done, do it. They are a bunch of idiots. The only thing more idiotic is teachers fighting with them.

Send them to the media center for testing.

If you fight them you will be targeted.

Eventually the public will learn the truth. Just do what you are told and wait.

The system will be shown for what it is. It will happen sooner if teachers don't work so hard covering up the crap.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is correct. We absolutely need to stop killing ourselves trying to overcome or fight the madness. Do what you can do and then leave for the day. If the statistics don't improve then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Right now, what's terrifying me is the Gates grant. Sombody needs to get ahead of this and start a movement telling teacher to vote agaist the next contract. Don't wait until the last second.

Anonymous said...

Vote against the contract?

You got to be joking.

Teachers would have to be able to plan and work together. Teachers in Hillsborough Co couldnt plan a trip to the bathroom.

Their roll over "un.ion" is in bed with the district