Saturday, September 19, 2009


This whole incident screams for understanding.

The district sounds like they are in full damage control.

It will be interesting if more such instances come to light.

So many factors contributed to this but the increased workload and decreased prep time brought about by the superintendent's 6 of 7 dictate were a major factor.

So many tired and stressed employees at all levels are making mistakes. Mostly minor oversights but, like this, major ones occur.

Some of us will respond "that's no excuse" and you are right. All decisions have unforeseen and cumulative consequences, this is one.

Superintendent Elia is too far removed from this to care. So is the HCTA.

The principal is not. The student body is not. The community is not.

The teachers are not - thank God one or more of them spoke out.

Are there others? Are there more?

Friday, September 18, 2009


I am NOT the only one shaking their heads over FAIR testing.

The moment school started we were focused on getting our computers "ready", classes scheduled.
Curriculum be damned! Full speed ahead.

What we got was another broken state program.
Not enough bandwidth. Spinning and crashing. Rebooting, restarting.

What we got was another slapped together district response.
Not enough space and too little cooling.

What we will get is invalid data. Why?
Nobody tests well when they are hot, uncomfortable and frustrated. Teachers can't fight the students' realization that the program sucks, is a waste of their time and yet affects their future in very real terms. We spend countless hours hearing and promoting test prep and then permit such a torturous environment to evolve.

This is where we need Bill Gates NOT in the teacher evaluation arena!