Sunday, April 4, 2010



Anonymous said...

So TRUE!!!!

Goader said...

I would like to offer a companion to "The State That Doesn't Care" and that is "We-The-People Know Best for Florida."

Anonymous said...

you're going to have EVERY school district in FloriDUH filing for financial emergency to escape their contractual agreements with their unions.
and just imagine next year when the stimulus money is GONE!
What can we do?
a. Elect Alex Sink or Paula Dockery for Governor-they will VETO garbage like SB6 in a heartbeat
b. Vote for Dan Gelber for AG. Dan is a personal friend and told me the FIRST thing he'll do when elected is SUE the FloriDUH legislature for inadequate funding.
c. Vote for Dems for other Cabinet posts (CFO and Ag Commish). Atwater is part of the R merry band of thieves and still hasn't released his RPOF AMEX statements. Wonder why?
Adam Putnam is god awful and was George W Bush's waterboy in the House when W was leading us down a path of destruction.
d. vote against all Republicans for state senate and house seats shy of the few decent ones like Dockery or Jones.
e. run as many teachers as possible against turds like Wetherford and Legg to force them out of office.
f. get rid of incumbent school board members.
g. picket non-stop round the clock of key GOP legislators and anti-public education board members.
h. vote for Kendrick Meek for US Senate. Crist is useless and Marco is a thief as evident by his personal charges on his RPOF AMEX card.
i. tell everyone you know what I just relayed to you.

Anonymous said...

If this nonsense passes, I will file a lawsuit against the family of every single kid that sits in my classroom doing absolutely nothing. Those kids would be jeopardizing my income.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Dream Alive, Support Public Education" Rally will be held on Wednesday, April 7th in Hillsborough County.
Registration will start in the lobby of the CTA Bldg. (4505. N Rome Avenue) at 4PM. Will begin theRally at 5PM on the MLK Bridge.
Please wear Red, White and Blue and carpool if possible.
Any questions, please call 813.238.7902.

Goader said...

Kill Bill 6 We're Teachers Not Testers

Anonymous said...
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Too Late said...

"A State That Doesn't Care"

Hey folks, lets get real here.

Teachers, stop buying into the myth that people like or don't like you.

It isn't about liking.

This is cold stark political calculation, not emotions.

Its like teacher appreciation day. Did you REALLY think administration appreciates you? Does their cookie platter in the breakroom REALLY get you teary?

Grow the @#!& up teachers.

As long as you have the "we need to be loved" mentality, politicians will continue to @#!& you.

Only 12 year old middle school children worry or talk about people liking them or not liking them.

Time for us to adopt the same mindset as politicians. I don,t give a good @#!& if you like me.

Stop waiting for someone else to save you.

Anonymous said...

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