Friday, September 10, 2010


Got this email recently and decided to make it a posting. S.C.


Your endorsement of Richard Bartels is much appreciated. I worked for him, saw him in action and can vouch for his integrity, insight, and performance under pressure.

He is NO insider but knows the inner workings of the district. He was tapped to straighten out the bus mess at its peak and handled it in true Bartels fashion - effective and efficient. He will hit the ground running without the need for the "Board Member Manual" training.

As principal Bartel's ALWAYS respected our First Amendment rights. His door was always open and he wasn't afraid to listen no matter how thin his patience was with some of the issues (he is human).

Below is a collection of emails from teachers (all from personal email accounts) that may attest to what you already know: He is the best candidate - PERIOD.

We just need to put him in the District 4 seat.

Hi, there, C. Long time, no hear. What follows is part of an exchange of e-mails between K. M. and me. Richard brought yard signs to my house (I live close), I contributed to the campaign, and I saw him speak at the candidate forum at Bell Shoals Baptist. I am including their e-mail addresses in case you need them.

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Absolutely count me in.

When I heard White speak at the prayer meeting at Bell Shoals Baptist, several things occurred to me. (By the way, Richard wasted his two minutes with actual facts and plans and completely forgot to pander to the audience!)

White feels his qualification for running for school board is the fact that he has children of school age. I plan to ask him, when the opportunity presents itself, if I, as a consumer of blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine and vertigo medicine, would be similarly qualified to run for the pharmaceutical board.

Further, he wants to brand Richard as an "insider." That would be remarkably amusing if not for the fact that White can sell this tripe. I would venture to say that Richard is probably the MOST qualified person ever to run for school board and that he knows more about curriculum, budgets, and school management than most of the actual insiders. White's approach, apparently, is that a citizen's board of non-education people would be preferable to people who understand how the system works -- and doesn't work.

I admit I am floored that there are principals and teachers who would not support Richard. Just goes to show you how naive I am.

So count me in.

I am ready.

S. H.


Hello Friends and Supporters,

I send out this email because we are getting down to the time when we need to take some serious action if Richard is going to be elected in November @ the General elections.

As you all know, Rich came in second to his now run-off opponent, Stacy White, a pharmacist in district 4, our same district. He has been gathering up speed among his kids' school, PTA members at (we think) Buckhorn Elementary, and his church. His supporters are many of his clients as well as many teachers we know, and don't know. He has two former principals backing him. His knowledge of the issues at hand for our schools seems to be limited to the fact that his wife is a PTA member and his children are in school.

Anyone who knows Richard knows and sees that he is by far the better candidate with solid solutions to some of our districts major concerns. He does his homework and with his 38 years of educational livelihood and leadership roles, he knows what of he speaks. He has in fact hired some of you (and me as well), to whom I write today. We also know and have known him as "The Teachers' Principal" as he, a former HS Principal himself, has always supported good teachers and effective principals everywhere. A no nonsense administrator who garners respect from the district's teachers, parents, students, and administrators alike.

We need all of your help, and all of your friends and neighbors help in order to give back to the community of which he has served.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in having a small gathering, a sort of Meet-n-Greet fundraiser, for a couple hours on a weekday after work, let us know. Also, we need a group willing to gather forces to set up on busy intersections with signs, from about 4-6:30 pm. as the General Election moves closer. Kids are welcome, the more the better.

Please let me know, and remember, a vote for Richard is a vote for you, your community, the teachers the students, and the parents who want to make things better.

We need your help,

Thanks so much,


Hello fellow teachers! I hope all is well with the beginning of the new school year :-) I'm emailing you to ask for your support for Richard Bartels for SDHC school board. As you are well aware, Faliero has been booted out of District 4. There will be a November run off for the District 4 seat between Stacy White (a pharmacist) and Richard Bartels (retired teacher, assistant principle, and principle!) Clearly, there is no comparison in regards to the experience between the two!

Please support Richard in his quest to once again serve the teachers and students of SDHC as he has done in the past. I can with out a doubt vouch for his dedication and support for the teachers of SDHC. Richard was my principle at Freedom High School until his retirement. During the turbulent 6/7 plan protests, Richard always supported his teachers who were speaking out against the 6/7 plan at the school board meetings. Unlike other principles in the district, Richard not only supported but encouraged his teachers to be active in expressing their concerns. When the school board called Bartels and requested that he "discourage" his teachers from going against the board in a public forum he once against demonstrated his support by essentially telling the school board to kiss off! This is the type of man we need on the school board! Richard is willing to tell it like it is, has and will support teachers and students, and puts learning and academics as a priority.
If you live in District 4, VOTE! If you don't live in District 4 you can still help out. Please visit his web page at or you can follow his campaign facebook page "The Richard Bartels School Board District 4 Campaign". Spread the word to colleagues and friends. You can also volunteer to work with his campaign or send a small donation. WE NEED RICHARD BARTELS ON THE BOARD!

S. P. :-)


Anonymous said...


Yes, in fact, as a consumer of pharmaceuticals you
CAN serve on the Board of Pharmacy. In fact, the
state REQUIRES that the board seat nonpharmacist
consumer members. Obviously, they recognize the
value of having their board NOT consist of only
industry insiders.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I prefer looking for the best representative, consumer or insider.

The current crop needs to be plowed under.

I've been in the belly of the beast and would want this insider by my side.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Richard. I have know him a number of years. He is a no nonsense kind of guy. Unseat all current members.