Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We need a total effort to stop agreeing to allow interns in our classroom.

There will be no consideration for them in the "final analysis" of your students' progress. In other words if you get an ineffective intern IT WILL COST YOU!

Do you really want to sacrifice your "salary enhancements" or school grade to benefit a university system that has NOT come to your defense?

Please think carefully before agreeing. Does Charlottin Daniels allow for interns?

Stop being a tool! Just politely say no.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you still around. I wonder how complacent everyone has become, or just too over whelmed and intimidate to do something.

I am looking for responses to the union's email about ESE certification issues. ESE deserves a big kiss for saving the district with the class size amendment compliance. There's always room for another student in a co-teach class. Heck, there can be 50 of our lowest performing students in these classes. When will we ever learn?


Suzie Creamcheese said...

Hey Sisyphus!

Me? Trying to be a little more thoughtful and spend time evaluating.

One option is to simply chuck it all but there is an obligation to help guide the new kids coming into the system. Its so damn frustrating because they're essentially aggressively clueless.

It's weird, almost Stepford-like. Which is how I felt watching that infernal Charlotin Daniels video. Think there was some subliminal messaging going on?


From what I'm seeing ESE is now the sacred cow. I'm really starting to feel that maybe this mainstreaming, least restrictive environment thing needs to be revisited. I mean what regular kid gets away with wailing on another for no apparent reason? I've seen it happen too many times.

Anonymous said...

I sent Charlotte Danielson an email last summer inquiring about the education experience she touts in her bio. She claims to have experience teaching "elementary through college". I asked her to please elaborate, to tell me what she taught and where she taught it.

Did she respond to me? Well, not exactly. She forwarded my email to school district officials.

Wasn't that precious?

Anonymous said...

Did the district have the courtesy to respond?

Anonymous said...

No, I found out through a friend who actually thought it was funny that she got mad and tried to get me in trouble.

Charlotte is a smart business woman who made a bundle of money. She obviously knows little about teaching.

Leondra said...

The sacred cow? YOU bet! we deserve bows, ...offerings, and daily anointing calming oils.

Think... every HS now has "co-teaching" in the core subjects. (massage me more upper neck, please) Those classes can go to 50 students (w/both teachers certified).

Scenario : A kid walk into a HS, needs English 2 Honors...full,... go take on line.

A kid walks in need of English 2, but is struggling (ESE, ELL, etc)... always room for one more, until we reach 50!!!

So we (ESE) make it work for the district. Our most struggling students are our sacrificial lambs.

ESE should be the darling of the district for saving their asses in the class size compliance mandates for October FTE. But, alas, we are always the ugly, red-headed step-child.

Anonymous said...

Sisyphus, Leondra, and Suzie;
If it's any help--to those of you in ESE-- I LOVE my FUSE classes!
My co-teachers have been great AND knowledgeable about the subject. Our ESE kids are the hardest -working and the least with behavioral problems.Sign me up for FUSE every period!