Thursday, February 2, 2012

CTA Presidential Election

Go Joe!

I look forward to the fray. This election season is gonna get good. Please make sure to vote!

Think about it: Anyone first elected to the CTA Presidential spot has had no experience in that position. The executive director and board provide the transitional support.

I rejoined to vote for Joe. I'll resign in June - and play wait and see.


Ricky Ricotta said...

There is a huge difference between having no experience as President, which can be said of anyone who isn't an incumbent, and having no experience in CTA.

Jean Clements had extensive experience in CTA over a period of many years before she became President. Joe, on the other hand, has ZERO experience in CTA. Zip. Zilch.

While I welcome his decision to get involved, it makes no sense that someone with zero experience would then be qualified to rise all the way to President.

Well, it would make sense to those who want to harm CTA...

Anonymous said...

Yeah right...same old party line...more of the same screw job...
Don't remember Jean having much leadership experience when she took office.

I'm voting for Joe, too.

Ricky Ricotta said...

Anonymous, that just proves how faulty your memory is. Hell, Jean even served as vice president before she was president.

Pretending that Jean didn't have LOADS of leadership experience doesn't make all her previous experience go away. It just makes you look like a petulant child stomping your foot and insisting that what is so really isn't.

Anonymous said...

I hope the election tabulations are better than they have been in the past. I'm just saying------