Saturday, December 15, 2007


"I have received today deposition proof that Jennifer Faliero did indeed have an affair with former schools' public-affairs head Marc Hart." -Lee DeCesare

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Anyone who did not see the board meeting needs to go to "Stream and Scream" and watch what happened 2 hours into the meeting. Even though we are the 8th largest school district in the nation Tampa is still a small town. People remember things.

Lee was gaveled down as she created a "concept map" that started with that mother reading a "random page" (anyone really believe that?) from a teen book that resides on our library's shelf to the district's reluctance to deal with things sexual (gotta keep a clean image) to the (until now) rumored affair of a school board member.

TheWALL (actually Suzie Creamcheese) was identified as the source. It was not.

The source was contained in a Tampa Tribune comment to the "Band-director-texting-a-student" story. A link to the story and original comment was provided via an anonymous posting. Both are still there.

Incidentally, there was more Board "shuckin' an' jivin' " about that book than at the Michael Vick dog-fight hearing.

I suspect there will be a lot more to come in the new year. Christmas and New Year parties are a wonderful source of information and the way Lee gracefully accepted her "dismissal" will, no doubt, win her a place in many hearts.

Somebody's going to need to "put on their dancin' shoes".


Anonymous said...

Faliero is revolted by a book that receives rave reviews in literary circles and wanted originally to "handle" the situation. Last year she wanted to help parents keep GSAs out of schools. She acts very moralistic. Meanwhile, behind the scenes she is having an affair, breaking up her marriage and another person's marriage. This is a woman with no morals, but she throws out that she is a Christian. She is a fool. If she wooed Mark Hart in the public relations office claiming she needed a mentor, she used school resources and time to have an affair at taxpayer exspense. It is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this... the Teacher-textmessage article and posting is also very interesting and disturbing...

Anonymous said...

When will there be an article about her? We crucify teachers all the time in the news... Isn't she much more important (sarcasm)? The public deserves to know, BIG HEADLINE, that this is what their tax dollars are funding...

Hypocrisy at its best!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to email the Tribune and the Times and ask why they are not reporting on the breaking news of a school board member who hung out in the Public Relations office using school time, resources and personnel to get to know Mark Hart and sleep with him. Any other school district employee would be sent down to Professional Standards. Everyone email the press and ask them to report this misuse of school time and resources.

Anonymous said...

Dang-- I need to go hang out by the "water fountain" more! I never hear anything!!!! Y'all got the good stuff and I never knew a thing about it---gotta stop locking myself in the TPA!!!!
I DO want to know why teachers get hung out to dry ( how's that for a cliche?) and a much more visible, influential person gets by with having an affair and breaking up TWO marriages. On public time and dime, too.....
I can only stomach a couple of the board members as it is--how DARE Faliero presume to tell anybody anything with any authority ?

Anonymous said...

Christmas Greetings to all!One more day! Has anybody seen the "Scoring Guide" for the high schools? Is this a rumor ? I heard from a HS teacher that a 70% on a Math exam was an A. Does anybody know anything ? VERY interested to know the facts on this one!

Anonymous said...

Lowering expectations is the common practice. Our system is about making numbers look good, not about education.

Money and politics are prostituting students.

deepcover said...

The "Scoring Guide" is indeed out. Your Department Head/Team Leader/APC probably got it this week. What you say about the "curve" has been circulating around the schools.

Consider that the use of "scam"-tron machines, hooked up to computers that send the results to the district actually allow the district to "set the curve". This is something that my former principals never encouraged and yet the district is promoting it.

Setting the curve at the district level clouds true student achievement UNLESS the raw score/curve is accurately reported.

Call me paranoid but allowing the district to set the curve allows them to spin the numbers to the district's favor.

"Teachers Extra Teaching Period Improves Student Grades"
"Mary Ellen Elia Formally Declared Genius"
"Falerio Takes 'Curve' To Hart"
"Olson Denies Plant Curves"
"Lamb Blames Secretary For Misspelling 'Curbs'"
"Kerdell Calls For Curve Workshop"
"Olson Again Denies Plant Curves"

It's All About The Mirrors-

Anonymous said...

still waiting for a Tampa Tribune article on this...............