Monday, December 24, 2007

'Tis The Season

Merry Christmas!

Happy Chanukah!

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes to all my readers, posters and sources.

Now let's go have some fun!

January 7th will come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Faliero thinks talking about Suzie Creamcheese is inappropriate at a board meeting. She said that to Lee, when Lee brought up her affair at the last board meeting. Why is mentioning Suzie Creamcheese inappropriate at a board meeting, when Suzie Creamcheese has helped to create a forum for teachers?

Anonymous said...

Check Lee's latest blog entry concerning how Tom Gonzalez benefits from the school board's no bid contracts. Lee feels he should have recused himself from giving advice on no bid contracts, since he himself benefits from them.