Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hart To Heart

After reading Lee's riveting post, which included information she gathered from Mark Hart, it is obvious that Ms. Faliero must address the issue.

Do the right thing Ms. Faliero. NOW.

< rewind >


Does everybody remember those tedious teacher in-services we were forced to endure?

How about the one titled "Ethics Training"? How many times were we admonished with: "You are held to a higher standard." ? How often were we told that even if we were in a restaurant drinking, we never knew who was at the next table watching, listening.

How often were we told that we could be called to Professional Standards at the slightest, vaguest phone call, letter or infraction for reprimand or termination?
"You are held to a higher standard."

Our board member Jennifer Faliero got caught trying to pull a quick one.

"You, Ms. Faliero, are held to an even higher standard."

You must be able to make informed unemotional decisions. The decision to move away from the community that elected you and then try to keep it "under the radar" belies that fatal flaw spouses succumb to during divorce. As an elected official that option was not available to you - period.
You betrayed your district with personal intent.

You can't raise a family of 3 on $40,887 a year? You moved to South Tampa's Davis Island for more affordable housing?

You have teachers with Bachelor Degrees who must be on Level 9 (not 9 years experience but LEVEL 9) who make almost that and never thought about South Tampa's greatest housing bargain! Really, did you think anybody in Tampa bought that one?

Why South Tampa? Did you use your position to intimidate the Plant administration into looking the other way when they enrolled your daughter? Oh, wait a minute, wasn't Ms. Elia's launching pad Plant High School? Was her evaluation influenced by this move? Were your required to purchase a pass to Candyland? I wonder how you kept this enrollment away from the queen of CandyLand? Did the South Tampa "powers that be" tacitly "allow" this quid-pro-quo? At what price? See how easy it is for the neighbors to talk?

Too bad you didn't take that "Ethics Training", or did you? In any case your integrity has been forever damaged. Every decision, every comment, every public appearance will bring this baggage with it. Every little thing will be measured by this decision to move out of your district. If you can't live on
$40,887 a year how can you look at yourself knowing a third of your teachers make less!

Like they told us: "Ignorance is no excuse because
you, Ms. Faliero, are held to an even higher standard."

Do the right thing Ms. Faliero:

- the sooner, the better.


But still you wonder Who's Cheatin' Who........... said...

The public school education school administrators are cheating themselves, their employees and the public, including students, parents and post school placements (higher education facilities or employers).

As time goes on, it becomes clearer that these types of issues have become so common place that they don't raise to the level of need for response or action by the administration because they have always dealt with them that way.

No doubt a contributing factor is how the administration buildings (ROSSAC and Velasco) that house the power people keep the power people insulated from the employees and the public, both physically and intellectually. They have developed a sense of immunity over time. Add to that the security of the seemingly untouchable authority of a school person who chooses to abuse this authority and we are left with a delusional system that is extremely egocentric.

The practice of bringing in outsiders protects the system from being exposed. Any outsider that comes in is immediately cultured or else leaves quickly. While this practice may be effective to protect the business interests, it is contradictory to increasing professional levels of education. This phenomenon carries through from the top down in all levels of leadership. The propensity to leave decision making to the entrenched , without a minimum of open discussion and attempts to reach out to learn best practices, will only continue to provide more of what we already have. The phrase “we have always done it this way” is a death knell to education and a security blanket for the incubated.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are held to a higher standard but apparently the Office of Professional Standards is not. Professional Standards is run by Linda Kipley who lies, conducts shoddy investigations, intimidates, and harasses teachers. The fact that the board looks the other way and allows her to do as she pleases with teachers (making them sort pens and pencils and clean out her messy desk drawers) is horrible. Everyone should ask the board to conduct an investigation into Professional Standards. They can take a random sampling of cases in which teachers were both punished or just spoken to and interview the victims and find out their opinions of Kipley. On the one hand, the ones fired might all have a bad opinion of her, but many of the ones found not guilty might also have a bad opinion and have stories to tell of how she abused her power. Why the district refuses to investigate someone who has no checks and balances is beyond me. On top of it, she has zero qualifications for the position.

blue blood from the hills of Ky. said...

The promotional practices of the school system are like inbreeding, and have led to the same quality of life.

In no other industry does one find this type of in house indulgence. Luggage carriers do not become pilots; accountants do not become plant managers; landscapers do not become directors of technology.

Yet, to legitimize one’s years of dedication to the system, one can rise through the ranks to become a supervisor or director by osmosis (and friendship or next of kin - sort of just like inbreeding).

Anonymous said...

This behavior is inexcusable, and I am still waiting for one of our major newspapers to expose this... since they are so eager to persecute teachers for far less...

The taxes payers, parents, and students deserve to know...

Anonymous said...

Waiting for one of the local major newspapers to out a local school system may have influences unknown to many.

Do a google search for "married to marilyn brown tampa baird" and see what one finds.

Politics and media may be difficult to overcome.

Anonymous said...

here come da judge!

Anonymous said...

From Monday's Gradebook Blog:

Timmy! said it.

"SEEKING TOUGHER STANDARDS: Fifteen states including Florida are looking to boost the penalties for educators who take advantage of students,..."

How about tougher standards for elected officials who take advantage of their Press Spokesman? So far, nothing is done!

Virgin Cynic said...

"A Plant High School physics teacher was removed from class today after a student reported that he sent her inappropriate e-mail, Hillsborough County School District spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said."

So an inappropriate email trumps an affair?

Can I see the email? Can I see the girl?

Anonymous said...

A Newsome High School soccer coach was removed from a classroom yesterday amid allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a female student

--Jason said...

FYI... I'm running for CTA Board of Directors. Please read by blog at


Anonymous said...

So you've got the soccer coach in the can for allegedly conducting himself in an inappropriate way with a student. That makes front page news. But you've got a sworn statement about an extramarital affair between a school board chairwoman and an administrator and nobody hears about it, except through the gossip mills. Who is protecting who, and why?

roxanne said...

In addition to the extra period we are forced to teach, we now have to contend with being in the "cross-hairs" of everyone we come into contact with.

"don't stand so close to me"