Saturday, February 2, 2008

"...and THE SURVEY says:..."?

It's February.

There are only 4 months left. Not a lot of time left to affect change in time to save your employees or membership.

Whatever happened to
"the survey"?

You know, the one that was supposed to be taken to measure the impact of "substituting" a conference period with a teaching period for no additional money.

Is a curve being generated?

Call me crazy but it took less time to make us teach the extra class!


Goader said...

I assume those on the survey committee are hard at work, no doubt analyzing all the data collected. I am curious what sort of analytical instrument they are using to deal with the data. Will it focus more on the qualitative nature of the change and its affect on teachers, or will they choose to use a quantitative approach. If they do go with the quantitative it will be necessary to standardize the responses by using z-scores or t-scores, or how else will they account for the different natures of primary and secondary teaching? If they go with qualitative, with say an interview and then a reliable continuum survey it will be interesting to compare the interview answers with those from the survey. I hope they consulted with an expert in tests and measurements to get advice on validating the testing instruments. They must have since USF has an excellent test and measurements department and they are just down the road. I am looking forward to seeing some facts to compare with my personal judgments. It won't be long now before they reveal what they found out. How exciting the anticipation is!

Anonymous said...

when will the naive and trusting overcome those who exploit them?

you can pretty well be guaranteed that the survey results report was written before the survey was sent out.

--Jason said...

I am on the Impact Committee. Please see my new post at

Anonymous said...

There was reference a while back to a process that drags out changing something by diverting the energy to committees, studies, etc. in an attempt to maintain the status quo.

Anyone remember it?

Anonymous said...

very astute recollection

delphi technique

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Suzie, how about a link on the side?

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Good Idea!

Anonymous said...


less numbers of particpants at the next meeting

by the following next meeting, serious participants will push to move forward

at the then following next meeting, the "high level" representative will be changed

it will take one or two meetings to bring new member up to understanding

see you next year

Anonymous said...

after reading goader and jason's q&a, my previous feeling of doubtfulness that the survey will have any credibility is now pretty well reinforced.

any one who as ever done any type of quantitative and qualitative analysis should understand how it's done. I get the sense that this process is managed similar to a stereotypical soccer parent or PTA parent that decides they will send out a question or two to see if cupcakes or brownies will be served at the next meeting. Should each parent bring 5 napkins or should one parent bring napkins and one parent bring table cloths. Should we have juice or carbonated drinks.

just tell your kid to let my kid know or send me an e-mail or leave a message on the phone. I am getting a new poodle and will be oh so busy house training it for the next couple of weeks, so I am not in a hurry.

after I have heard back from a few of you, I will let you know what we dedided. Harold down at the local market said he could get me cupcakes at a reasonable price anytime I wanted them, but still let me know what you think.

Unknown said...

Sadly, none of you allow for the possibility that those involved are capable of doing the survey and actually have a pure and genuine interest in the results. The committee largely consists of teachers and CTA staff. District involvement in the committee and the survey began only after requested by CTA. Perhaps we should refrain from judging until we see something to critique? Anyone who is willing to craft a survey that is designed to assess fairly and without bias the myriad issues surrounding the scheduling changes should step forward pronto!

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Dear 7:43,

Survey results are one thing. Purity of purpose and dedication yet another.

This blog was born out of the frustration with the superintendent's management style AND the impotence of CTA to protect its membership. Neither factor has changed.

Don't expect any experienced teacher-posters to buy the "give us a chance" attitude.

We are tired. We are pissed. We are stressed.

It is our payment for accepting "good faith bargaining" and we are not happy.

Did anyone SEE the survey? Has anyone taken it? I didn't or it would have been mentioned on these pages. No one has mentioned the content. Not even goader (who often sees things I miss.)

Was it slipped into your mailbox with the dozen PTSA, Sports Calendar, Club Invitations, school bulletin, student scheduling 8 x 11 white paper communications that a tired, stressed out, pissed off person just might miss?

This should have been front burner, front page political hot potatoes. The Trib and The Times should have been buried in press releases.

It's an election year and CTA can't figure out how to interpret the results?

Print this, take it to a meeting and see how far it gets.

I just may start smoking again!

Anonymous said...


focus should be put on your statement: "the CTA needs the district involvment on the committee."

Why did CTA wait until that point?

Why not have the district involved from the beginning?

Were the committee members going to craft a survey that would be damaging to the District?

Or was it by design because everytime someone new is brought in, there is an acceptable delay to progress?

Or did the new people create a slight of hand to shift the focus to a more desired outcome?

Or is it more that the district and the CTA need each other to effectively navigate through the perils of a survey?

Are the "teachers" "marks"?

Or was it to just wear people down?

Where do you get off in claiming "sad"?

Teachers have to trust that a "sad" person's heart is in the right place?

Bobelly said...

Now Susie, if you start smoking again, you will have to choose between peeing or smoking during your planning...;)