Saturday, February 2, 2008


Something is not right about the Plant physics teacher's inappropriate email to a student.

The papers are asking its readers to make too much of a leap in logic on this one:

The school district suspended Plant teacher (name deleted), 22, with pay pending an investigation, Cobbe said. He was hired in September. The district is reviewing his computer to see if the case needs to be reported to law enforcement.

Officials first became aware of accusations against him late Wednesday when an assistant principal saw the female student in a hallway and asked how she was doing, Cobbe said. The student then reported the e-mail."

"how ya doing?" "no, how YOU doing?"

Plant AP's must have a lot of face time for students.

Too bad the guy wasn't a Board member.

Anyone got the goods on this one? How's my intuition?

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Anonymous said...

Was the girl an ESE student?

Does she have a 504 plan?

Is she prone to this type of behavior?

Was this an over-reaction based on the Blake incident?

Did the Trib "pull some punches" and heavily edit the article?

Were they only given this much info by the district?