Monday, February 25, 2008


According to a press release posted on Lee's blog, the Florida Bar has agreed to investigate an ethics complaint she filed against School Board Attorney Tom (The Gonz) Gonzalez.

There is a link to the right, under "Link Awray" that will take you to the "Casting Room Couch."

Click here for details and more information.

"Your inquiry concerning the conduct of the above member of the Bar has been analyzed and has been determined to be a matter which warrants further investigation." - from the letter to Lee.

Frankly, some members of the Board and staff have really ignored social graces, protocol, and courtesy in dealing with Lee. I believe the phrase "hoisted on their own petard" is appropriate.

This is major folks.

Stay tuned.


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Keep up the amazing work!

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Anonymous said...

Thank GOD someone is paying attention... Teachers are aware, but are limited because we sort of need to keep our jobs... But Lee is powerful because she cannot have her livelihood stolen by "Professional" Standards. GO LEE! I hope this thing blows the top off.

I encourage EVERY blogger, concerned parent, student, and teacher to write (anonymous, if you please) a letter to Crist about the actions of Elia and this board.

twinkobie said...

Folks: I have an important project set up to get better medial understanding and better media attention to teachers' problems.

I need Suzie Creamcheese to send me a message at with a private email (get another one for this purpose to conceal your identity) so that I can contact her to convene a small group of articulate teachers to participate in this media project.

It will be a major step up for teachers is my belief. So Suzie, beam in. I need your halp. lee

--Jason said...

Goader is right. Please read the latest post on his blog (dated Feb 29th).

Then please read the latest post on my blog (also dated Feb 29th).

Let's all get together to talk about changing the system.