Saturday, March 1, 2008


Lee DeCesare has used her influence to help us by arranging this meeting.

I have changed the wording of her announcement to make it "easier" to post to your internal email bulletin board. You might also just copy and paste this to send to select individuals at your site IF you feel the administration may be "less than understanding". Click on the link to her website found on the right ("Lambo's Lee") for the full posting. Goader also blogs about it.

This is the lady who garnered the School Board's ire when she went to bat for Bruce and Bart by name. She is the embodiment of Petty's "I Won't Back Down" and the least we can do is show up.

Yes, it is between 3:30 and 5:00 PM and chances are, posting this on your Internal email may result in a hastily called faculty meeting (please don't Mr. Hutec). If such an occurrence happens, please let us know so that we can include these little "tricks" in the documentation.

The 3:30 PM start time is just that: COME when YOU CAN - a good cross section of teachers will help open up the conversation.


A meeting has been set up with the Tribune publisher, Ms. Palmer, for this Thursday at 3:30 pm at the conference room in the TV building of the Tribune, on Kennedy near the bridge.

The purpose is to allow teachers to let the Tribune publisher know the teachers’ view of their struggle with the board and administration. It will be the teachers’ voices telling the most powerful media presence in our area their views of what is wrong with the school system, the superintendent, and the board.



Goader said...


If I may be so presumptuous and ask your readers to have a look.

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding....

Post this on school internal??? Guess who controls what gets posted on school internal?

My principal wouldn't even post a notice about a letter to the editor written by a teacher at her school because she disliked him.

My God, I almost forgot what it must be like to work at a place where free speech is respected. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get that posted.

I sent a message to my CTA rep to see if she would send the invite to all CTA members.


Goader said...

That's an idea: Send all of our building representatives a request to email all CTA members about Thursday's meeting at the Tribune.

pollyanna said...

I'm coming with all I can fit--where do we park? Great idea about telling building reps!

Anonymous said...

I am a rookie teacher, going into my third year teaching English. I am not in CTA. Is it safe for me to give the heads up to the CTA rep. at my school in an email? The climate at my school is that the young ones better darn well keep their mouths shut. I have opened my mouth twice to my department head and others and was told in not so many words to suck it up/get over it/shut your mouth. So, I have quickly learned that my particular environment is unsafe to voice contentions/concerns/questions… I am not treated nor viewed as a professional that has a stake in her career and the future of our students' education.

Thank you for your feedback.

I also want to go on March 7th, but I am afraid for the very reasons I cited above.

Anonymous said...

Emailed Solochek the Gradebook...

Emailed my CTA rep. at my school...

Suzie Creamcheese said...

"Post this on school internal??? Guess who controls what gets posted on school internal?

My principal wouldn't even post a notice about a letter to the editor written by a teacher at her school because she disliked him."

That's sad indeed. Please keep this in mind when I ask about what schools to stay away from during transfer period.

Of course one can always print out the notice, copy it and put it around school, in the teachers mailboxes, the lounge, etc.

Sounds like some of us may need to do it on the Sligh. (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

I emailled Solochek,also. Hope he "gets it".

To anonymous-- Hey--you think WE aren't scared?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

What are they gonna do? FIRE US for speaking out? That's not gonna fly. They can't get subs the way it is. They can't fill the classrooms with qualified teachers now!

If there is any smell of retaliation for my attendance or participation I'm waltzing my ass to a Board Meeting and NAMING NAMES! That lady that almost got tossed in the "clink" will have company waiting.

Anonymous said...

Fred Burns is on to this meeting.

I left this response to a posting that questioned if we would get a fair hearing with Mrs. Palmer and implied it wasn't worth it to go.

I hope I wasn't too hard.

"Consider that you are reluctant to join others who seek to change your working conditions.

Not everyone can be front line but don't think that your attitude allows the status quo to continue.

There are some administrators, and district personnel that count on this intimidation to work.

How do you feel when you see a student being bullied?

What's the difference with us?"

Anonymous said...

CTA better get something going --or they will become irrelevant--where ARE you folks?

Anonymous said...

I don't allow my students to be treated as we have been--what a great example I'm setting!

Anonymous said...

My CTA Rep was very helpful and offered to get the word out at her husband's school. She is sending a mass emailing to all CTA members at our school and 3 others.

I left a message to to Mr. Chicken on Fred Burns blog as well.


I posted to your blog on that last week. I am certainly going to name this Principal when you are ready. From what I have heard, she already has quite a reputation.

Yes, I am hoping that the CTA steps up with us. Maybe Jean Clements will come. Hold on, I will write her now.


Anonymous said...

Who is Hutek?

Anonymous said...

Marc Hutek is an ex-military man. The kind that loathes the exercising of the freedoms he swore to defend.

He is a two-faced bastard and a bully. ROSSAC material.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming some poor slobs have him for their principal?

Anonymous said...

Marc Hutec is principal at Armwood.

Anonymous said...

He is the Supreme Dick-tater at Armwood.

Anonymous said...

OK--Guess it's time to start that list for the Transfer period--
1. Armwood
2. Spoto
3. ?

Anonymous said...

3. Tomlin Middle School