Sunday, March 23, 2008


Dear Ms. Olson,

We don't ask for much. Just something like:

"This was a decision I made as a member of the school board and I take responsibility for the outcome. I realize that it caused an absence rate of 60% and I will work with the Superintendent and other board members to analyze what happened."

Rather than:

"...maybe the district should negotiate with employees' unions to require a doctor's note on certain days or double the time taken off on those days."

The professional, corporate response was suggested by Fred Burns, candidate for the School Board.

Please read Burns' blog (it's linked on the right) then send this guy some money! Any amount. Let him know THIS is the type of leadership you want to start with.


Fred said...

Hi Suzie:

Thanks for the support. I went with the district # for now because the number I used was given to me by an AP earlier this week. They may have been off by a few. Or more. I'll double-check it on Monday.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

This is precisely the reason we need new people on the board--with some common sense--and a willingness to be responsible and accountable.
How dare that woman try to foist off their bad judgement on teachers!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

What happened was the district over-reacted and sent home a draconian letter to parents the day before telling them that their kids may not have bus transportation. Under the circumstances its not surprising that 60% (at my school it was about 2/3) of the students were kept home.

It was a wasted day, not because of the teachers, but rather because of the incompetence of the people who run the school district.

Ms Olsen also suggested the personal day policy be changed to not allow employees to take just any day off they wanted.

I would suggest Mrs Clements and Lyons go on record as opposing that out of hand.

I have contributed to Freds campaign and will contribute more. I also plan to make myself available to him for whatever campaign related duties he deems necessary. Go to his website

and contribute. Get a bumper sticker and display it proudly.

We need to get rid of people like Olsen whose knee-jerk reaction is to blame the teachers. My God, its no wonder why we are crapped upon by our own administrators when the so called leadership is so ready to blame US for their mistakes!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Class Acts-- I think I must comment on the abominable irony of a certain School Board member holding forth on the morals of others......

Anonymous said...


I felt the exactly the same. Perhaps she thinks we'll forget, or stop caring. Riiiight.

Just when you think things can't possibly get more bizarre...