Friday, March 21, 2008


I put the title in quotes because it is not original. It came from someone else but it fits the current events surrounding HiCcuPS.

Those that stayed home from work, using a personal day, displayed their responsibility for their beliefs.
The stock market was closed. Even some attorney's offices were closed!

Here is my problem: where the hell was the bishop, the monsignor, the pastor, the priest , the reverend? Their silence is deafening and disturbing. Has the church given up?

How come the media didn't see fit to show ONE religious spokesperson interview?

Is Jack Lamb such a stirring lecturer that Saint Lawrence chose to stay on the sidelines rather than be subject to his wrath? Will Christ the King, Bayshore Baptist, ANYBODY step up?

Maybe they should take a lesson from the flock: be responsible for your own beliefs.
THESE convictions we can be proud of.

Happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

You are so right!

Also, when is the Tribune going to publish something on the teacher meeting from a couple of weeks back?

The media is to blame, just as much as the school board, for the the current problems in the county, don't you think?

The media has the power to show both sides, and time and time again they choose the SDHC!

deepcover said...

I'm copying this response to Jason's post:

Religion is a very personal matter and to expect someone to practice it according to your expectations is on the downhill to trouble.

Maybe the community at large decided that they were going to make a statement about how the district has marginalized their beliefs.

Maybe the employees (also part of the community) individually decided that they too feel their beliefs have been marginalized and their convictions under valued. They were / are / will continue exercising their freedoms.

We now know that they CAN make a statement and that shutting down the system is a very real thing. If the teachers, bus drivers, food service workers, and custodians ever decide they have had enough they only need to take 3 continuous days off together. A sudden Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday "flu" would catch everyone so far off-guard.

The district can not have it both ways: they count on their employee's beliefs to go the "extra mile" when its convenient for their purpose but bring out the hammer when it doesn't.

Remember we are only responsible for our own beliefs.

This is all part and parcel of "diversity" and "cultural sensitivity", so roll with it brother. The seeds have sprouted.

I'm taking my lawyers' advice and goaders post. I am not proposing anything. I am analyzing the situation.

(I know, I used Suzie's title, Thanks girl!)