Wednesday, March 12, 2008


While this is just the tip of the iceberg, allow me to make some observations.

•Put more students in non-core classes not covered by the state class-size amendment.

Load up electives even more. Make those teachers and their programs shoulder a disproportionate workload. Will there be more money for supplies, etc?

•Review nursing services, although the district has about 80 fewer nursing and health assistant positions now than it did several years ago.

More students with allergies and medical conditions but less services. More kids coming to school sick in order to exempt exams.

•Review guidance services, including student intervention and career specialist positions, previously paid for with grants.

Once again, the kids are on their own to solve conflicts and plot their future.

•Replace in-school suspension teachers with assistant teachers or use teachers who need more classes to fill in.

Do assistant teachers have the "training" to deal with a room full of disruptive students. Coaching ranks will be decimated. Consistency of teacher, discipline, and expectations will render the program useless and result in a flood of suspensions. The schools will be subject to ROSSAC directives to cut the number of suspensions. Schools will be chaotic.

•Hire assistant teachers, people with two-year degrees or college students to fill technology specialist jobs now held by teachers.

Admittedly I am ignorant of all my Tech does at school but I can't imagine anyone doing the job for minimum wage. Add the fact that it introduces a 19 to 21 year old into a target rich environment (young girls and boys) and I think we are asking for trouble. Do we need to rehash old headlines? Sure its a broad brush UNTIL its your kid!

The district remains low on (bus) drivers, has no substitutes and about 100 drivers are absent every day, Franklin said.

We can't get the kids to school or back home. Isn't the economy supposed to be bad? Can it be the job is hideous and pays poorly. Can we get similar teacher stats?

In another matter, the board was told that it needs to develop a plan to fill top school jobs. Within 10 years, 65 percent of the district's administrators - including principals and assistant principals - will be eligible for retirement.

Within 10 years only 3 of the schools current administrators will be on the job.
This includes ONLY those destined for retirement. Like teachers and other staff, there are some that will just call it quits. Fast-tracking inexperienced administrators is NOT the answer.

So who's coming up with this?

Superintendent MaryEllen Elia $253,000 plus bonuses $37,000 + ?
Deputy Superintendent Ken Otero $140,141.76 ?
Deputy Superintendent / Chief Human Resources Officer Dan Valdez $140,829.92 ?
Assistant Superintendent for Administration Lewis Brinson $129,272.88 ?
Chief Government Relations Officer Connie Milito $127,370.32 ?

Lamb, John R. Salary in 06-07: $40,252.32 + Monthly retirement payment: $6,921.15 ?
Edgecomb, Doretha W. Salary in 06-07: $40,252.32 + Monthly retirement payment: $4,279.63 ?

Are we getting our money's worth?


Suzie Creamcheese said...

This comes from the comment section of the cited article. I can only shake my head.

"I can't believe they would hire college students to deal with sensitive material like report cards and other student information on the computers. They are asking for trouble. It's a shame that tech teachers have to lose their jobs. They are way underpaid compared to the same position in the outside world. Some schools have almost 800-900 computers being managed by these people. Even elemnatary schools have over 100-200 computers now. Too expensive to hand over to unqualified people."

I would assume sensitive "passwords" and illegal downloads and software installations come into play. Reminds me that my tech said each occurrence is some ungodly high fine. The fine might wipe out every saving.

Anonymous said...

Whike I am bubbling over with temper--two comments, only:

If out tech person--a teacher-- goes, our school WILL crash!

When do we see an organizational chart of personnel above building level with those salary/position cuts/transfers ?

Anonymous said...

Lets get those administrators who mostly do lunchroom duty in the classrooms and see how they handle the discipline.

How about having my principal actually teach a class? Never mind, come to think of it, I would rather have a certified bus drive do that. :)

My principal wouldn't have a clue how to actually teach but she would have you believe she was an expert.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the ROSSAC folks actually having to sub once a week?

How many of those positions actually affects the kids?

twinkobie said...

Gladsome tidings This bar complaint shows we can fight the powerful with the weapons available to hand. We don't have to invent them--although we do that too--but as well use the protections that are already available to us. The scan is a little whacky. But you can get the gist. Things are rolling along. lee

651 EAs JFnT STinT
JoaN F. II4RXNESS, Ja. TAInms FL mn-nui
March 11,2008
Mr. Thomas Martin Gonzalez
Thompson Sizemore Gonzalez & Hearing P A
201 N Franldin St Ste 1600
Tampa, FL 33602-5182
Re: Lee Drury De Cesare; The Florida Bar File No.2008-11,074

(13D) Dear Ivfr. Gonzalez:
Enclosed is a copy of an inquiry/complaint and any stqçorting doniinls , by l âuuc referenced complainant(s). Please respond to the following a&g t S b . — . &a Ms. De Cesare’s complaint: 1) faIlure to rcspoel asW.r ackwISge — S
information; 2) violation of Equal Employmes Opportty kwç 3) - )Wd Amendment rights at a public board meeting; ad 4) tSt iw . 1k _ — a law suit.
Your response to this complaint is required under the provisions of Rule 4-8.4(g), Kit of p
Conduct of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, and is due in office by March 25,2W F
provide a written response to this complaint is in itself a violsion of Rule 4-&4(g). Ya r
requested to furnish the complainant with a cotnpIfle py etysur . .
documents submitted therewith. -
Please note that pursuant to Rule 3-7.1 Rules of Discipline, a rq aain recordings and/or transcripts of hearings received from tyuu a fir n.nQ nI brnl a part of the public record in this matter and thus accessible to i public icon a dispoSiti of fit file. Pursuant to Rule 3-7.1(f), Rules of Discipline, you are further rupñced to complete arid r the enclosed Certificate of Disclosure form.

If either you or the complainant(s) believe any material provided to The Florida Bar is confidential under applicable law, undersigned counsel should be advised of that fact so that measures can be taken to seal that portion of the file. It should be noted that The Florida Bar is required to acknowledge the st of proceedings during the pendency of an investigation, if a specific irquiiy is male aS lit - deemed to be in the public domain.
Finally, the filing of this complaint does not preclude connicatkxi bdwan itt gwir si 1k complainant(s).
Ve E>3us—

Heidi E. Brewer, Bar Counsel
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program
Enclosures (Certificate of Disclosure, Notice of Grievance Procedures, Copy of Complaint,)
cc: Lee Drury De Cesare
651 E
March11, 2008

Mr. Lee Drury D Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708
Re: Thomas Martin Gonzalez; The Florida Bar File No. 2008-11,074 (13D)

Dear Mr. De Cesare:
Enelosedis acopyofourlettertoMr. Gonza1ezwhithrquñ
Once you receive Mr. Gonzalez’s response. )VU have 10 days to file a iclnaial if dct if you decide to file a rebuttal, please said a copy to Mr. (ioorala. flc a a’y i a correspondence to me.
Please be advised that as an arm of the Supiune Coat of FiSda, lit FlotiiM investigate allegations of misconduct against attorneys, id wt apçixçris, inpra 1 It
attorney be disciplined. The Florida Bar nnot raida legal St r lit Fkwit
represent individuals or intervene on their báallin aiy civil x mm nsfl.

%Lt E
Heidi E. Brewer, Bar Counsel
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program - -
Enclosures (Notice of Grievance Procedures, Copy of Ldta to Mr. (Jonmla Pampbld, lnIpMKy Concerning a Florida Lawyer)
cc: Mr. Thomas Martin Gonzalez

virgin cynic said...

Jack makes $122,000/year.

Doretha makes $90,000/year.

I move we make THEM a "cost-cutting measure".

Vote them OUT!

Anonymous said...


we could elect Fred Burns and SAVE 2/3rds the cost!!!

Talk about value.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fred , have you sent him a few bucks? I did and got a bumper sticker and a nice note from him.

Go to his website and give him some spare change. It's either him or Dr. Lamb.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me. We need to get Fred on the board.


Anonymous said...


perhaps you could repost your 3/14 post here on your "ethics complaint blog".

as time goes on, we all may find the timeline interesting.


Anonymous said...

OK-- I'm stumped. How does one ( Jack or Dotty)earn $50,000 to $80,000 in RETIREMENT from SDHC ????? I'm at 20+ years and make barely over $50,000 SALARY!!!

PLEASE, check my math-- can we get FOUR people for the price of TWO if we replace Dotty and Jack?

VOTE FOR FRED!!!!!( He sounds smarter than Jack, too).

Who's running against Dotty? I can send him/her a couple of bucks, too.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

The retirement info comes from a special report on retirement loopholes.

I'd LOVE to see what formula was used. Of course we may be comparing teachers to administrators.

Don't know who'll run against Dotty. This is the place to let us know!