Monday, March 3, 2008


Please note that the time of Thursday's meeting is 3:30PM.

The time you arrive

You presence does.


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Anonymous said...

I'm going to sign out 15 minutes early which will allow me to beat the traffic and get there with 15 minutes to spare. (I'm counting on getting lost, too.) I've already asked my fellow teachers, and they're happy to help me because I'll be addressing some of their issues.

Do it, folks, do it. It's not perfect, but we have a window and let's take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

There was no info at all on any part of school email, today--not on internal or personal, which is the usual CTA mode. Are they with us on this or not?

Anonymous said...

Forget the CTA. They're useless. If they had our best interests in mind, don't you think they would have done something like this already?

If you didn't see it on school email, copy something from one of these blogs and invite everyone.

I'll be there about 3:45 on Thursday. Be there, it'll be worth it.

Thanks Lee!

--Jason said...

You do not see anything from CTA on this because it is not a CTA-sponsored activity. If you want to see CTA have meetings like this, we need to have more people within CTA who also want it.

When all is said and done, CTA is still the only organization that legally speaks for teachers. You must join CTA and vote for people who see things your way. The only way to change the organization is from the inside.

Anonymous said...


It SHOULD be a CTA-sponsored event. They should have taken the initiative to get the press to talk to us. Why couldn't they have invited the Trib to a CTA monthly meeting? Your rationale is exactly the reason most teachers avoid the CTA like the plague.

The CTA doesn't see it our way. In fact, they were the first ones to defend the MAP pay fiasco. The list goes on.

I'll repeat the same thing that 11:13 did. The CTA is useless.

Anonymous said...

I emailed the CTA rep. on Sunday. STILL NO REPLY AND NO POST! I find that to be unprofessional. At least email me back and state that you will not post the email and for what reason. This proves that the CTA needs to get with it!

--Jason said...

I agree in that I would LOVE to see CTA take more of an initiative in getting word out about the teachers' perspective. I believe this is part of CTA's mission. Is the organization doing a good job of publicly representing teachers. No. That is why I ran for Board of Directors. Unfortunately, I am disappointed in that I did not win. If more like-minded people were to join CTA and vote for those willing to change things, then things can be different. Again, join me and join CTA. Only together can we make a difference.

Anonymous said...

CTA should be involved in this whether they "sponsored" it or not!!! We pay them $600+ a year per member--to just this sort of thing--ANYTHING to help teachers! Maybe we need to just have a clean sweep--CTA included!

Anonymous said...

We ARE CTA!We are the teachers--isn't that who CTA is supposed to represent?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for trying to help us. Bottom line, though, is that the CTA has failed us. There's only one issue that HS teachers want changed. Yet, here it is a year later since it was announced and all the CTA can manage is a survey?

I want the Teamsters. Whatever happened to that movement? should blog again about replacing the union.

Better yet, Jason, why don't you lead the effort to replace the CTA?

--Jason said...

I am proud to see my colleagues taking a stand. Please read my further comments at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Jason, I would suggest you leave the CTA, save your wasted dues, and spend the found money on something for your family.

Ask yourself, "Have I really seen my working conditions improve as a result of spending thousands of dollars on CTA dues?"

I think you know the answer.

--Jason said...

Has your NOT being a member of the union helped anybody in any way, shape or form? Sure, you have an extra $600 per year in your pocket. However, imagine having a stronger union that might be able to put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket each year. The union is only as strong as its members want it to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jason.

The person who is keeping their 600 and complaining that the Union is a waste of money and time is part of the problem.

Sit back and do nothing.

Complain, tell others that they are wrong.

What are you doing besides telling others that their commitment is wrong?

Were YOU at the meeting with the Tribune?

I think we know the answer.


cable guy said...


There are people who HAVE joined, paid their money for years, gone to rep meetings and made the INFORMED decision to quit.

That decision was a thoughtful one based on experience and the weariness of being treated like a patsy by both labor and management. I have no problem with an association. I will vote to have the teamsters come in and take a run at representing me. I will pay my money, be a rep and even engage in tactics that bring our plight to light.

My passion and commitment have higher standards than CTA.

CTA is NOT a one size fits all and until they begin with THAT little structural reorganization I'll support those who decide not to join.

All I see is foot draggin' so far this year.

Don't get me started on the "blog" article in the Reporter. Why even print that?! Except to try and ingratiate themselves with ROSSAC!
It would have been a good opportunity for CTA to say something like "First Amendment" and "if that is the perception then perhaps improving communications would serve to counter the blogs", or "ya know, Drudge was right about the little blue dress so maybe there is some way to address these concerns".

Anybody stupid enough to POST on school equipment is hopeless. Of course it may indicate the "level" of "the barrel" we are having to hire from.

The meeting comment was a low blow to those of us who don't have the flexibility that others enjoy. But, I'm going to thank those who used that flexibility on my behalf.

Anonymous said...

High school teachers cannot change CTA. Elementary school teachers trump us in numbers. We need our own association.

Anonymous said...


I didnt see my comment as a "low blow" to anyone.

My problem with the poster was that he/she was content to tell someone who was trying to make changes that he was "wasting his time".

Its easy to sit on the sidelines and throw out dismissive comments.


Dont really understand how you could assume that I was more flexible than you but I dont know your situation. I was happy to go.

I do agree with your comment on the CTA's article in their mouthpiece. That was a HUGE disappointment to me and I intend to ask about it next time I have the opportunity.

The comment was made and seconded by many in attendance yesterday that the CTA was "in bed" with the SDHC. The speed with which the CTA jumped on the anti-blog bandwagon was distressing. The comment that my status as a teacher somehow diminished my 1st amendment rights was even more disturbing.

My feelings about the CTA are definitely in flux. Thanks for giving me something to think about.


cable guy said...


I believe many of us found ourselves unable to attend. Personally, it angered me to be unable to attend but sometimes we are forced to make choices. It's all part of growing up. I'm working on acceptance.

As a teacher, I have learned that comments thrown from the sidelines are, when analyzed, more often grounded in an experience and not just random "grenades".

I think flux is a great adjective for our common condition.

This type of exchange has merit.

Thanks for your reasoned response.

Anonymous said...

point to ponder:

socilized education and unions.

what more can one see as two entities backing each other up to the benefit of each other.

it's not about education - it's about money.

it's about how money can be funneled to the one's in control.

it's about money made on the backs of the kids.

it's about money that is generated in the name of "education"

it's been said again - "the teachers were not complaining about (their) money - they were complaining about 'educating the kids'"

but when you look at the focus of the administration and the union, time and time and time again, it's not about education, it's about money - money to the benefit of the administration and the union.

history repeats itself time and time again

Anonymous said...

Cable Guy:

Fred listed the name, phone number, and e-mail address of one of the editorial board writers. Check out his blog, contact the Tribune, and give them your thoughts.

Don't be angry...the Trib will listen to you if you call or e-mail them

twinkobie said...

This outpouring to Goader’s blog amazes me. I got one condescending “Go, Lee.”

I see that teachers’ problems are inside issues and that an outsider such as I, no matter how well intentioned, should bug out and leave teachers to solve their own problems or endure them because teachers consider an outsider an intruder.

Retreat is what I intend to do and resume my reading schedule.

I wish Hillsborough County’s teachers all the luck in the world in changing their secnd-class status with the school board and adminsitration.

But unless they are willing to fight in the open with their names attached to their resistance, they will not succeed. They cannot depend on civilian surrogates such as I have been and if they must rely on these, they cannot pretend that these outsider gun slingers are superflous when the gunslinger gets them into an editorial-board meeting.

One meeting I set up with a sympathetic newspaper honcho after I could not get a teacher to do it does not a summer make.Revolution requires sustained effort.

Teacher hubris was on display at the Trib meeting. A math teacher who arrived late and sat at the end of the table by the door gestured me dismissively into silence when I brought up the grade-inflation issue, “Oh,” quoth he, waving me into slence, “we will get to that later.”

Goader’s blog shows where the energy and allegiance of the teachers are. Now all they have to do is to translate that energy into the courage to come out of the closet and confront the board and Elia in the open in the board room at every board meeting, their names attached, no apologies. There is no other way.

There were sufficient teachers at this meeting to effect change if they have the guts to match their rhetoric. I expect to see these at the next board meeting, from which I will be absent to the board's delight, rhetorical guns at the ready. I expect a sterling performance from the math teacher who waved me into silence at the Tribune meeting.

I wish HC teachers all the luck in the world as I retire to private life. I am a teacher, and my allegiance is always with the breed. lee

Hail and farewell.

lee drury de cesare
March 8th, 2008 at 8:03 pm

Anonymous said...


From your blog...

"Regarding high school teachers switching to the Teamsters: last year when I called them about the possibility, the Teamsters told me that it is problematic because Florida has all K-12 teachers classified together. I pointed out that there is a difference in the way we are licensed and that might be a loophole, but that apparently makes no difference."

So, we could still get the Teamsters, right? Why can't we petition to have the Teamsters replace the CTA? Anything has to be better than Lyons and Clements. Anything.

Will elementary and middle schools vote to make a change, or are we doomed forever with a mediocre, limp union?

If you spearhead the effort, I think many of us would support you. Thank you for everything you're trying to do.

--Jason said...

@ Anonymous 5:22...

Thank you for your encouragement.

You said, "If you spearhead the effort, I think many of us would support you."

For support, what I need is for like-minded people to join and encourage others to join CTA so they can vote for change.

--Jason said...

The monthly Rep Council meeting is THIS Thursday at 6:30. It is open to all CTA members. If you are a member feel free to show up and make your presence known. During the meeting, please be respectful as there is a set agenda, so please show up but do not be disruptive.

Anonymous said...

Where are you???

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I am among those who were unable to attend last Thursday's meeting. I have some health issues going on, and I try my best to be at school for as long as I can.

I agree that HS teachers AND ESE teachers need their own union. It is clear that CTA does not press forward with ensuring we have the time to do our jobs. There was a survey with how much after hours work we do, but what will they do with that?

In the piece about internet/blogging issues, in CTA's last newsletter, the message was quite clear, we cannot have a public opinion that may be negative about the school system. I'd like that issue brought up at a CTA council meeting. I am very apprehensive about blogging now. CTA has issued its stand.

Anonymous said...


The CTA doesn't define your rights as a citizen, the constitution of the United States does.

I read that article as primarily concerned with use of county equipment and the social networking sights that many younger members use to communicate with their peers. I would agree that teachers probably shouldn't post publicly on Myspace their after hours exploits. I got the impression that was what was being discussed.

I didn't get the impression our legitimate political activity can be censored.

Please dont let our spineless CTA deter you from participating. Your comments always eagerly anticipated by me and I am sure, others.


--Jason said...

CTA does what it's members force it to do. If there is something you would like to see the organization do, then be a vocal, voting, active member.

Anonymous said...

Please, do not be discouraged or intimidated. Your comments are always well thought out and thought provoking. Plus--you come at issues from a different angle. Your experience is most appreciated. Be well.

virgin cynic said...

"CTA does what it's members force it to do."

My point exactly! They need to be looking down/at the road.

Forcing an organization that purportedly represents your best interests to represent your best interests just doesn't seem right to me.

Its like telling the lawyer you hired what precedents to use in pursuit of your case.