Sunday, March 30, 2008


People Get Ready:

Transfer period is near. This is a warm up for the next post.

I could work for this principal.

Do you know/work for someone like this in Hillsborough?

Who are the good ones?


Anonymous said...

Pricipal Fritz at Wharton High School is a good principal. Some of the APs are better than others, but on a whole, are at least average. Some are supportive, while others aren't so supportive.

Anonymous said...

When's the transfer perriod start?

-- Jason said...

IMPORTANT: All teachers need to check their school email for the link to the long overdue "6/7 Impact Committee" survey. More details in the email (and a few more on my blog).

Anonymous said...

Tom Scott at Shields Middle is a good principal.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Crawford is a fantastic, student-oriented, teacher-supportive administrator. There is nothing she wont't do for her students and staff.

twinkobie said...

Susie et al, Will somebody tell Goader to get in touch with me? I badly need his brains to help me to get scanned in the second stage of my complaint against Gonzalez to the Florida Bar. His rebuttal of my charge (a lulu) and my rebuttal of his rebuttal (a bigger lulu).

I don't have the graphic skills Goader does. I need his brains in this project.

Gonzalez is in tirade mode and hinting darkly that I will not get out of this alive or at least with all my lower and upper extremities intact. I expect to do jail time for the First Amendment. But Goader must help me to get this on the Web so that Gonzalez will have
the basis for crucifying me. He hates to look bad in the media. He hates worse looking bad to his fellow lawyers. He's been in charge for it comes out is 37 years that his firm has had a lockdown on the board attorney job. Now he's accountable for his behavior, and that makes him crazy. lee

Anonymous said...
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twinkobie said...

Susie, the brrave band of teachers who visited Ms. Goudreau and Vicky for 3 hours to tell them the teachers' side of the story get the credit for this editorial. Now we have a new project: Steve Gorham is running against Kurdell and has asked for a meeting with me. We of the PR committee are now setting this meeting up. We need more recruits. You should be one. Wear a mask if needed, but be at this Gorham meeting. We change the schools by changing the board. It's as simple as that. Once more into the breach. Lee

Sunday, April 20th 2008
Tribune editorialists:
Today’s editorial will cheer teachers up. The superintendent with the board’s collusion has treated them so badly that their teacherly pride has taken a pounding. Ms. Elia never consults them—the experts—when she downloads a new program or device on them. My guess is that this Spring toy came from a source who wants to make a ton of money out of promising instant literacy for the students, and it’s a fraud.
Ms. Elia doesn’t care that The Spring a fraud just so there’s some angle to it that will boost her obscene salary—the highest I can find for a superintendent in the nation even though her credentials are the shoddiest. Her greed is unseemly, and the board members’ feckless rubberstamping of her money demands should lead voters to kick them out when they next present themselves for election.
The board and administration don’t want to hear from teachers or students or voters. They want to sit on their thrones on the board dais and splurge on such toys as Spring with no teacher input.
The administration and board don’t want to hear from the public. They are both relentlessly anti-free speech. They won’t give teachers and students a slot in the board agenda to be heard; they make any citizen who comes to give input feel unwelcome.
The major newspaper In an area should concern itself with education and any wrongdoing that goes on. The teachers and students need this kind of involved editorial support from its major newspaper.
Lee Drury De Cesare

twinkobie said...

Minions of the Light: Write rgoudreau@tampatribune and thank her and Vicky for this Sunday salutary view of the board and administration.Everyone likes a pat on the back for a good deed. lee

Anonymous said...

Karen Bass at Mary Bryant is a good Principal.