Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Transfer period is almost upon us. You have asked for a place to post warnings about schools that are not teacher-friendly, supportive or just a downright miserable place to be. Please see the "Good Vibrations" posting to let us know about good places to work.

The goal here is to provide everyone with a place to start their "job search". To that end we need a few basic, simple ground rules.

* No personal attacks. Don't use this opportunity to "get even" if you were wrong and got called on it.
* Stay anonymous but please name schools and administrators.
* Support your comments with specifics. Please don't make us guess your reasons. If the principal is overly demanding or demeaning (for example) give us the facts. However do not let those facts compromise your anonymity.

** I reserve the right to remove a post considered libelous or slanderous. Our track record really is exemplary (thanks to YOU). We are a respected blog.

Oh, by the way:

We are teachers by profession and are expected to display the skills we evaluate in others.
Use spell check and please watch your grammar - Lee checks in regularly.

On behalf of those who will use your input in their decision-making:
Thank you for your time, effort and contribution.


twinkobie said...

Susie et all, Please tell Goader to get in touch with me I need his brains to help me get on my Web page the 40 pages of mine and Tom Gonzalez's mid-point in the bar-ethics case I lodged against him. He has all but promised me that he would sue me if I publish the information. So I can't let a chance to be a martyr for the First Amendment go by. At my age, I might well not get another one. lee

Anonymous said...

I would strongly discourage anyone from transferring to Alafia Elementary. Rather than go into details in a public forum I would encourage you to contact the CTA representatives at the school for specifics.

Suzie Creamcheese said...


Please repost your Alafia Elementary warning with AT LEAST some general info. Such a post is too general to be useful.

Hall_Monitor said...

Check out for all the crazy headlines in education. It's one of the leading sources for breaking stories in our public schools.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the poster from Alafia is referring to such things as inconsistent treatment of instructional staff (playing "favorites" or giving preferential treatment to specific staff members), micromanaging to the point of interference, and acting in punitive ways towards any staff member who might question the administration. Contact one of the remaining veteran staff members to get some insight as to what exactly goes on...this has even spilled out into the community as well.

Anonymous said...

READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!! Check out Solochek's column, today--4/9--all school admins making over $100K take a 10% reduction!!!! Elia's alone could buy us an additional teacher!!! Also--what if fat cat legislators did the same????

Anonymous said...

I thought every one knew. Those small increases of the school administrators are a drop in the bucket of $3 billion. Why it hardly makes a dent.

Anonymous said...

OK-- You mean if EVERY administrator in the STATE(how many folks at ROSSAC, alone?)that makes over $100K took a 10% reduction, we wouldn't have a SIGNIFICANT amount of bucks?!?!?!
Yes-- I am an English teacher--not Math ;)

Anonymous said...

OOPS!!! MY BAD! It's "only" 5% !

anon of 4:36 said...

In case the meaning of the comment of 4:36 was not clear, it is believed by some that when an "administrative raise" or "bonus" is questioned, the alledged response, or maybe it could be called a rationalization, is that if you divided the "raise" or "bonus" by $3 or $4 billion, it is an insignificant number that the budget can handle.

But, when it comes to teacher raises or support staff raises, that is a "significant number" that the budget cannot handle.

Anonymous said...

Another WOW!--in The Gradebook this morning--the Sarasota Supe refused a payraise--she didn't feel right about it with everything going on budgetwise!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about the people who are running against SB incumbents? I've seen the blog for the one running against Edgecomb. What about the others? We need to keep an eye out for this, too. It will affect us just as much as the school where we transfer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its already too late. Its a done deal.

A fait accompli.

That Superintendent sure is smart isn't she? :)

Now, here's the good news. You don't have to take the training. Unfortunately they will probably pay teacher salary for them to get trained and since most teachers live in a perpetual financial bind, they will get the training.

Wouldn't it be cool if they gave a training and nobody came?

Anonymous said...


Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

Check this out.

-- Jason said...

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! My thoughts on the occasion on my blog.

Anonymous said...

The same group of teachers who went to the Tribune and talked to Goudreau and her assistant Vicky are interviewing Kurdell's opponent on the 6th, Tuesday, at Bart Birdsall's house at 4:30.

Bart Birdsall
2309 W. Bristol Ave.
Tampa, FL 33609
home (813) 258-8817
cell (813) 362-7937

Join us. I think we should interview every one of them who is up for election and their opponents. We are contemplating a campaign debate. I am shopping for a sponsor in Ybor City. If you have any clubs who would sponsor the school-board candidate debate, let us know.

Don't miss the SPTimes's kicking Pole Girl Falliera today in an editorial. Tom Gonzalez is incensed that I have labeld Falliero Pole Girl.

Also don't miss the press release from the Debra Satchell on my blog. She was the teacher whom the ROSSAC ghouls tortured because she spoke up for Erwin during ROSSAC's crucifixion of him. The ROSSAC Storm Troopers tried to kill her soul for sticking up for Erwin just as they tried the same thing on Erwin. They have made her sick, but I think this victory will cure her. She did what I recommend for anyone that ROSSAC's thugs try to run over: she fought the asses and won.

As well as I can tell, Le Gonzalez failed to file a counter to the case by deadline time; that made possible Satchell's attorney's filing for summary judgment. Thank you Jessus, Allah, Buddha, Earthmother, and all the faery folk. lee

Anonymous said...

What happened to all the bloggers and people who post to them? Don't let ROSSAC folks think we are happy and complacent. Believe me they read these blogs.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The Wall" seems to have hit one. No new posts since April 2.

Are you ok?