Sunday, March 16, 2008


Everything you wanted to know about the 2008 Extended School Year Program. "Thar's money in them thar hills"(borough)!

For those of you talented enough to wade through what we spent in February. Bless you for being able to stay awake.

Hey, you folks with Reading Masters check this.
No bid.
Wasn't the Superintendent a former Reading Supervisor? She could probably do this herself, in her sleep.

We need a $10 million grant to tell us smaller schools are better?!
Where do I sign up.
Look, see.

I may not be the hottest french fry in the happy meal but give me 5.5 mil and 2 years and I'll be glad to document the negative effects of the additional teaching period!

I'll promise to sub contract Goader, Sisyphus, Lee, Bart, Eloquentmind, Bruce and a few others, keeping them too busy to blog. It's a no-bid-win-win.
Ms. Falerio can supervise in order to assure the public there won't be any hanky panky.


Anonymous said...

meanwhile)2 years) the reserch is being done(by whom)... how many extra millions of dollars will be "saved" by teachers working that extra period ?

Suzie Creamcheese said...

You're RIGHT! I should seek more money!

Are you available for contract work?

Anonymous said...

Wow...they fronted her travel money.

I notice that because when I was asked to attend AVID training during the summer, I was to be paid ZERO money for my time, had to share a room with another guy AND I had to pay for my own travel. It was to be reimbursed at a later date. See? We are given no respect by the people we work for.

Bet the hotel they booked for teachers wasn't 190/day either.

Work the contract. Nothing more and nothing less.


Anonymous said...

I hope you told 'em "NO". Period.
Bet that makes you more, uh, AVID to be in that program, huh?