Sunday, February 17, 2008



This Memo Of Understanding is 50 pages long.

Page 18 = 7 programs?!
Page 29 = technology requirements!
Page 32 = some participating schools
Page 36 = Coach salary of $129,000 PLUS!!!
Page 39 = ALL participating schools
Page 42 = Price list of Programs and Services
Page 46 = Summer Inservices, etc.
Page 49 = half a mil here, half a mil there...

Agenda Summary


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your info?!??! I have been trying for weeks to get hold of a syllabus or table of contents so I can start prepping for next year! No one seems to have or know a thing! We are all unhappy that training is in July and we start teaching mere weeks after that!

Anonymous said...

Click on the "Springboard" link (in blue) or the "Agenda Summary" link (also in blue).

Anonymous said...

I read the MOU--not encouraging> Where do I apply to be one of those "coaches"? 3 years of that would put me in good shape---and also equal about 10 or 12 of my teaching salary!

I still don't have the faintest idea what I'll be teaching next year-- let's see.....3 preps of all new stuff...

Anonymous said...

Couple of Questions:

I saw a list of high schools in the apendix. Are those the schools that will use SpringBoard in the 2008-2009 school year? I saw my high school on there. I am gone if that is the case.

Also, must every teacher do this? Can we reject it? Is forcing the system in violation of our contracts?

Anonymous said...

This is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Pasco County...

Anonymous said...

Isnt it curious that the training takes place in the summer and no provisions seems to have been made for paying us?

I guess we should be happy to be getting free travel and lodging. Wow an all expense (30.00/diem food allowance) trip to get training during our time off. Bet the teachers have to front the money for travel. What do you want to bet they will have teachers rooming together in some 3rd rate hotel. Also, what do you want to be that during the superintendent's orientation, she will have her own room and it will be at a much nicer hotel, not to mention that she will be getting her salary at the same time.

When they wanted me to do AVID, I was supposed to front the money for travel and room with another teacher and spend my time off doing this as a donation to SDHC, not even the disgraceful $10.00/ hour "stipend" that is an insult to any professional.

No one at my school has even been told about this latest boondoggle.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am for this new curriculum nor am I happy about it in any way, but we are going to be paid our regular salary for the training. We've been told that ideally, each teacher is to have only 1 prep -- that's Springboard's recommendation, but of course in reality, it's likely some will have two. We're supposed to attend a week's training per prep. That's what we've been told by our department head. The curriculum has a teacher manual and a student workbook-- one per student -- that will remain in the classroom. That translates to no homework, I'm told. Talk to a teacher at Middleton or East Bay -- they are doing it already.

Goader said...


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Anonymous said...

My school is on the list to do SpringBoard next year... but I haven't heard a DARN thing from my department head or the administration. What the heck is up?????????

Pam said... is AVID part of this? We have AVID at our school & I like the extra attention that it gives some kids, but I don't like their Cornell notes being shoved down my throat as it doesn't fit with my class. Nor does their gigantic notebooks or their observations by a teacher that has only being teaching for 1 year. My question is that going to be mandatory?? I am totally confused.

virgin cynic said...

Yes, AVID sounds like it is a component.

The reliance on ONE method to the exclusion of others is so counter-intuitive as to be handicapping. Yes, it appears we are purposefully doing this!

Since we are NOT given the total picture we must assume that the students are never introduced to another note-taking or study method.

This lack of DIVERSITY is troubling.

Aside: Ms. Elia promoted Cornell Note-Taking heavily as the Reading Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Jason says SpringBoard is curriculum and that it doesn't violate our contract. I would like that explained to me... I read the entire contract, and I didn't see how this is mandatory... I might be dense...