Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The deadline was October 20 @ 1:00PM

29.5% of teachers even bothered to vote.
27.6% of teachers voted "yes".

3 out of 4 teachers let "the other guy" decide.

Next time you are pissed about the superintendent, your salary, benefits, or working conditions:

From The Gradebook

Hillsborough CTA ratifies contract

UPDATE: We've received word from the CTA that the vote tallies reported earlier (now in the jump) are not right. Here's the e-mail we just got:

The Election Committee both regrets and is pleased to inform you there was a reporting error in the teacher ratification results. The correct numbers are:
Total number of teacher ballots returned: 4,546
Total number voting YES: 4,256
Total number voting NO: 290
Approval percentage: 94%

The Committee members apologize for any concern this may have caused members of the bargaining unit and can only attribute the error to the lateness of the hour.

The School Board still meets at 3 p.m. to take up the employee raises.

Here's the original post:

Well, Hillsborough teachers and support personnel. Looks like your raise is on its way to approval.

Rosemary Ax of the HCTA Election Committee e-mailed the Gradebook the final vote tally just before midnight, and asked that we put out the word "since everyone wants to know."

Here's her report:

The CTA Election Committee reports that ballots were mailed to 15,376 teachers and 3,869 ESP. There were a total of 60 invalid ballots returned, most of which were sent in with no preference marked. Teachers returned 1,346 valid ballots with 1,056 voting YES and 290 voting NO, for an approval of 78%. ESP returned 1548 valid ballots with 1502 voting YES and 46 voting NO, for an approval of 97%.

The School Board meets at 3 p.m. today, and is expected to sign off on the deal, too. The raises including back pay then would come to employees as soon as practical.


Now, can we release the official salary schedule? Last year it was up on the web September 27th.

Show us the money, please.

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