Thursday, October 23, 2008


April Griffin was threatened with physical removal from the October 21st meeting. It starts about 1 hr. 25 min. into the meeting.

She was requesting a negotiated exception to the recently adopted travel guidelines. Apparently Jennifer Faliero wasn't in the mood to listen, gaveled her down for not making her point, threatened to have the Sergeant at Arms (Chief Freebird) remove her, then let her continue. It really was a well considered point she was making.

I kept thinking this is exactly how we felt when the superintendent took our conference away and in general how dissent is addressed.
We give more grace to the State Fair chair when he wants a school holiday so the kids have the time to throw money at the vendors. Jennifer really likes that gavel, especially when she's intellectually against the wall.

Later on April made a point about her treatment and Jennifer calico got snitty and said something about April not liking to be told no. Later she opened the door to capitulating on the new field-trip policy. Talk about irony.

Well Jenn if you treated a student or parent so shoddily your sweet ass would be in the unemployment line or at AbuCobb. April hit the bulls eye and I quietly smiled when she inferred she now knows how we feel when we speak out. Remember Doug Erwin April! We do.

You owe it to yourself to watch it.
The Trib checks in.

Ms. Faliero: please step down.

(Note who was missing.)

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Anonymous said...

GO April GO !!! Can you imagine the gull of some people. I cannot understand their way of thinking. I thank my parents for instilling virtures in my mind,heart, and soul at a young age. Get this - Tell me what you think? 2 aides, 7 kindergarten teachers. 1 aide with exsessive abs. The other awesome work ethic.
Aide with poor work ethic says.. I will be out on THURSDAY. ok. She decides to show up at the back door of team leader's classroom stays there 2hrs. Doing art projects. Helps 4 teachers. The other aide and 3 teachers do not know she is there. Puts undue stress on them especially other aide. 1 teacher stands up and says.. "What?" you were here but only helped them? "Prince not pal" says.. she can volunteer for whom ever she wants. She is off the clock. Oh yeah... she did not sign in Hello... How is this ok for the betterment of the team? What about tresspassing? How bout teamleader one day says "All these abs. she sucks" the next oh "Out of the kindness of her heart she did my art projects". Is the right? Fair? WTH