Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Transfer period is almost upon us. You have asked for a place to post warnings about schools that are not teacher-friendly, supportive or just a downright miserable place to be. Please see the "Good Vibrations" posting to let us know about good places to work.

The goal here is to provide everyone with a place to start their "job search". To that end we need a few basic, simple ground rules.

* No personal attacks. Don't use this opportunity to "get even" if you were wrong and got called on it.
* Stay anonymous but please name schools and administrators.
* Support your comments with specifics. Please don't make us guess your reasons. If the principal is overly demanding or demeaning (for example) give us the facts. However do not let those facts compromise your anonymity.

** I reserve the right to remove a post considered libelous or slanderous. Our track record really is exemplary (thanks to YOU). We are a respected blog.

Oh, by the way:

We are teachers by profession and are expected to display the skills we evaluate in others.
Use spell check and please watch your grammar - Lee checks in regularly.

On behalf of those who will use your input in their decision-making:
Thank you for your time, effort and contribution.