Sunday, April 26, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The first transfer period opens tomorrow (Monday, April 27th) and runs for two weeks.

It is always a smart thing to check out the landscape. This posting is to encourage questions about principals and their administration.

Please keep the posting, questions, answers, and comments civil, informative and specific. However you should feel free to name names, positions and schools.

If you feel too much info will identify you and cause you retribution, then be discreet but let us know so we can afford you flexibility when weighing your information.

Believe me: No one needs to get "goadered".


Thomas Vaughan said...

Where have you been and why did you stop posting to your blog. I was worried about you.

Thomas Vaughan said...

....Goader chose to let them intimidate him into silence. You can only be "Goadered" if you assuage them.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Thank you for your concern.

I'm sure Goader did what he had to for Goader.

Gotta know when to fold 'em - only he knew what cards he had.

thomas vaughan said...

Job scared. I agree, if you need the work, you give up the things you never thought you would give up. I remember calling my parents sell outs. I guess we all have a price where selling out becomes necessary.

Goader said...


Hey, it is good to see you back. I thought maybe the Administration had intimidated you in to silence. That seems to be going around these days. Glad you're back trembling or not.


I think you are taking a page from the George W. Bush playbook. If you say something enough then it is true; however, that is not reality. The Administration has not intimidated me into anything! I have continued to write commentaries when the mood strikes me. I have continued to write about whatever I choose.

Therefore, let me help you with your propaganda campaign.

"Goader was intimidated into silence by the Administration. He no longer writes anything controversial. He has been scared to silence by the big boys and girls downtown. Goader has been intimidated… intimidated I say… ever so intimidated"

Goader has been intimidated. Goader has been intimidated. Goader has been intimidated. Goader has been intimidated. Goader has been intimidated. Goader had been intimidated.

There now if you keep saying it and I help out like this every once in a while maybe it will become true.

Thomas Vaughan said...


Now THAT was a low blow. George W Bush? That hurts.

"Mission Accomplished" Goader?

Propaganda campaign?...George W Bush....just because you SAY you didn't cave doesnt mean you didnt cave.

You have NOT written in the critical vein you formerly wrote. That is a fact

You HAVE been intimidated and you admitted it. You gave it a nice name but a rose by any other name....

I'll bow out of this and leave you alone. I used to visit your blog every day for a dose of unvarnished truth. A smart, witty commentary.

Since you have assuaged to their demands its not the same and since I have clearly "goaded" YOU one time too many, I will stay away.

Good luck Steve ( I cant call you Goader anymore) are going need it because they know they have you on the ropes and they will never let you up.

Anonymous said...

"I can piss farther than you." I'm sure the administrators are laughing their asses off at the spectacle you two are making of yourselves all across the blogosphere.

Goader said...

Ouch and touché. It hurts the most that you as a faithful reader of Goader Online will no longer visit the blog. I am sorry you feel that way even if you didn't get the "intimidation" part right. I guess we both have a bit of the goading gene within us. BTW, you can call me what you like as long as you just call me.

Anon 5:12—
I wish making a spectacle of me were so easy. I spend hours trying to figure ways to attract more readers. So, for me being a spectacle is a good thing. said...

Anonymous 5:12

Steve and I are not in a pissing contest dumb ass.

Goader and I disagree.

What's your name? Tell us who you are piss ant.

Actually I already know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Don't even try to leave Middleton High School. There is a ROSSAC mandate to deny all transfers out of that hell hole.