Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do You Remember - Your Classroom Christmas?

We had a tree, a play, wise-men, baby Jesus, carols, cookies, cards, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Our insensitivity knew no bounds: we included everyone in our Christmas wishes.

We were a 1-12 school - talk about seeing the future!

Every year our principal made a feeble attempt at "being" Santa during our Christmas assembly - much to the delight of the upper class men.

Every year the seniors would "intimidate" those 6th graders who would "threaten" to tell the little kids about Santa.

Every year we visited classrooms to sing carols.

Every year we looked forward to the next.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ! - no matter how you translate the spirit.

-Suzie's going "home for the holidays" -


Anonymous said...

Yes Suzie, I do remember!

Anonymous said...

Such activities have no place in a public school. I feel sorry for all those who observed something other than Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Midnight Moose said...

I suspect nobody cared about anything but enjoying the celebration. It was probably a time when tolerance and participation just happened.

BEFORE we were born annoyed and looking to be a victim. Probably before anyone like 7:03 was even around.

Maybe no one wanted to be a Scrooge or rain on anyone's parade.

A black Protestant in a public school rubbing elbows with Catholics and Jews and we all went with the flow.

Actually the hippies screwed it up!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the South is well known for its tolerance.

Midnight Moose said...

Your thoughtless (and I'll give you the botd) comment displays your narrow mindedness, cluelessness, and hostility.

1) Regional stereotyping when someone/something doesn't fit your world.

2) Assuming evidence not presented. Moose went to school above the Mason Dixon.

It may be all about respect 8:03.

It's that time of year(hint,hint).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Moose. No hostility here. I'm simply pointing out that in a publicly funded education system, students from many backgrounds are in attendance. Simply "going along" is not an appropriate expectation when we are trying to educate people to be independent critical thinkers. Separation of "church" and state would dictate that any religious observation is not appropriate in a government-funded venue. As far a "regional stereotyping" the Tampa Bay area had fully embraced the Jim Crow laws and was segregated. That is a fact, not a stereotype. Perhaps you believe that people should have simply gone with the flow so as not to rain on anyone's parade. In order to be a fair and just society, we must make sure that the rights and liberties of all minority groups are protected, without intimidation or duress.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, where is Suzie Creamcheese...?

thomas vaughan said...

Abandoned the blog I guess. Too bad. It must be difficult to keep them up but it was a favorite of mine.

Bye Suzie

Anonymous said...

We miss you Ms. Creamcheese.

Anonymous said...

Yes Suzie, I do remember this and I believe it was a special time in my life. I have noticed many changes in our education over the years.I do not agree with NCLB act. I feel it creates more illiterate students to pass. How can the government give credit to a school to assist a child in educational development yet expect the state funding to be used as well? I believe, when the old standards, such as christmas and using santa as a way to help the children to remember to be good; was a fun way to help teachers to produce more behaved behaviors in children. When so many things changed because of antibelief ,a big part of our dreams went with it.