Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Board member Jennifer Faliero tries to control blogs by suggesting that blogs "govern" unregistered posters. In other words: "Your papers please."

Check it out here and at the University of Miami Education Students Blog!

So much for P.R.

I wonder why she doesn't start a blog (ala April) and join us. Could it be, as Lee contends, that her writing/tech skills aren't up to the task and would reveal she had used the schools PR department to answer newspaper criticism?

The good thing is that her comments, efforts and behavior will reside on the web for a very long time. (File Under: Swingin' Time)

Stay tuned - ESPECIALLY during the election season.

Don't worry either, you may comment without reservation or registration on TheWALL.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! She wants are name because we got her number.. 867-5309 !!!

Anonymous said...

Oopps a little tired... "OUR".

"POLEGIRL" and "HOMEWRECKER" maybe Psyco come to mind when I think of Jenny F.

Thomas Vaughan said...

The Wall is a much needed and much appreciated platform for honest discourse on issues involving local schools and the people who run them. I don't think it does anything for our credibility to make personal attacks on anyone's moral character.

Lets not forget with regard to the "homewrecker" comment, it takes two to tango. IMO, she didn't wreck anyone's home. He did.

Besides, what does this have to do with her performance on the school board. Isn't there plenty to talk about on that?

That said, I would NEVER want anyone to censor these blogs. I just don't think its fair the hit below the belt with comments like that.

I think it makes us look bad. I am not a fan of hers but I wouldn't want my personal life subjected to that kind of mean spirited scrutiny. Would you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, Have you read Lee's blog lately? Would you repeat what you wrote on TheWall on Casting Room's blog? Just wondering.

Thomas Vaughan said...

Absolutely not. Dont be naive. She is not a teacher. She doesn't represent our profession.

Regarding Lee, I am not going to pick a fight with someone who is openly lobbying on our behalf. She has the courage to not to make mean-spirited comments, hiding like a coward. I don't always agree with her but unlike you, I respect her.

What is your point? Are you the one who anonymously posted the sexist "homewrecker" about the board member?

Come out into the open. Who are you? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you were a shill trying to discredit teachers.

Is that all you got?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,
Reread your comment. A little hypocritial are we? "Settle down" conscience.You may call me a coward and I will call you a fool. And what about Suzie, Ricky, Goader(before he came out) etc. You take things tooo serious, lighten up'!
Here's a "tip" If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always gotten!
Just call me "Alice Crabtree" will remain anonymous because ... I CAN !!!

T^homas Vaughan said...

Fair enough Alice.

No sense trying to defend myself. Your points are well taken.

My wife even notices my anger.

Thanks for the advice.

Going to Williamsburg and Tappahannock Va. to see family. When I return I will be lightened up.

Have a happy holiday. Take care Alice :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all, love the blog.

My wife is an elementary school teacher in Hillsborough, and the administration seems to do the slimiest stuff that is not good for teachers or students. Where do people usually post about that sort of thing? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Welcome 11:56

The WALL is the place to visit regularly. Read, respond, post or just browse.

Ask a question, or lay out a scenario but, as you probably know, be ready for some politely blunt advice or observations.

Also, you can explore the links on the right side of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,
You're a great guy and an even better teacher! Your wife is one smart lady ! Enjoy your trip and BE SAFE !!! Don't let the "corruption" and all that kind of stuff get you down! Believe in Karma and practice the secret it really works. Stay in the light and nothing can harm you. Good things will come your way!
Take Care,