Friday, March 12, 2010


The state wants to cut school board pay.

Board member Jennifer Faliero predicted an "exodus" of school board members throughout the state if Wise's proposal survives the legislative budget process this spring.

But Candy Olson suggested legislators could also look at cutting their own staffs to help balance the budget.
Dear Board members,

You now feel our pain. It took about 2 and a half years but you now know how we felt when you took away our 2nd conference period but not our duties or responsibilities. You held us responsible for keeping up the momentum. You ignored our concerns. More money? Ha!

Ironic how you predict an exodus of school board members but think that your actions don't shrink the teacher labor pool. You whine that the legislature should cut their staff while cutting our support staff, you combine supervisor responsibilities instead of filling the open positions, and continue to expect more of your employees than you yourself are willing to expend.

Suck it up folks - Its time for you to be the role model - or step aside. Look at the past posts that document your behavior and response to your employee concerns.

With a 13% unemployment rate, a mayor who wants to increase the sales tax for a train of dubious need, a governor who wants another job, and a small business environment that is paralyzed with doubt about ObamaCare - the economy won't get much better any time soon.

We need leaders - not whiny politicos.


Too Late said...

At a time like this, this particular board member complaining about money, is a clear demonstration that she is completely out of touch.

I need to check Lee's blog. She will have a field day with this!!!

Timmy! said...

This is exactly why they are spending $300K on a PR firm. Left to their own devices they continue to show how feeble they are thinking on their feet and getting their Prado stuck in their mouth.

Freebie PR response:
"This is just another example of how we are controlled by Tallahassee money.

I have always had every intention of spending the money we are given by the state in the best way possible and am not going to stop now.

It appears that once again our politicians are not following their constitutional obligations to fund education adequately. I urge the voters to follow my lead and let their wishes be known."

Hey, maybe I should run for the "board".

Anonymous said...

What pieces of shit these people are.

Goader said...

It's time to make politicians accountable.