Saturday, March 13, 2010


New candidates file for School Board.

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We need to encourage, support, and fund these challengers.

The last figures I saw indicate HCTA alone represents 14,815 teachers and about 4,000 educational support personnel, such as clerical workers and aides.

We have the muscle to swing an election - do we have the fortitude to do it?


Too Late said...

"Board member Jennifer Faliero predicted an "exodus" of school board members throughout the state if Wise's proposal survives the legislative budget process this spring."

I have one word for that prediction.


twinkobie said...

I need to know the bona fides of the fellow named White who just entered the SB race opposing Fallaiero, the worst of the three running, but it's a horse race with Griffith and Olson.

A reader wrote me White was a former principal. I want to know what kind of principal he was from somebody in the school system with first-hand information: was he fair-minded, or was he a ROSSAC flunky and ghoul?

I am tickled to death with the senator who wants to cut board salaries to $29,000, the same as part-time legislators get. At last the board layabouts would be below the entry salary of a teacher. It's still too much money for these board parasites.

I wrote the senator a commendation and an urge to pursue this matter. The board deserves minimum wage for its time spent lolling on the dais looking ceremonial and pushing the green button for the rolling consent agenda hammered behind closed doors in Elia's privy council.
lee drury de cesare tdecesar@casting-room

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that Richard Bartels filed. He was an administrator at Bloomingdale, King and opened Freedom HS.
He was a leader and had direction.
Supported his teachers and defended them when they went to the Board over the 6 out of 7. Would not tolerate BS but had a respect for the 1st amendment and his teachers (that performed).
I have friends who miss him to this day because he was smart and fair.
Hopefully he will handle the political BS as well.
As I write this I have hope and am considering sending him a check.
Suzie-check him out. Not sure how you feel about endorsing anyone but consider it?