Sunday, June 5, 2011


Governor Scott,

You really screwed a large portion of your state economy.

Our disposable income has been cut by 3%.
Our health-care contributions and deductibles have increased.
Our future retirement has been reduced.
Our property taxes have gone up to pay for the reduced state contributions.
Our property insurance has increased - substantially - and we are playing provider roulette.
Our fuel costs to "get to work" have steadily risen.
Our licensing fees have increased by more than I like to think.
Our property values have fallen - but the taxes haven't.
Some of us have our job security resting on the performance of crack-babies, social-mals, resistant illegals, dysfunctional borderlines, and the new ab-normals - all measured by a questionable test.

We must find additional sources of income and hope the extra money doesn't push us into another bracket. Its gonna be a hot summer when the teen jobs are taken by your public employees.

We will cut corners and get back to basics - shop during tax-free days or go out of state where clothing isn't taxed and the kids can look good for less. Pay/take cash under the table when we can.

Some of us will shop and buy stuff on-line. Troll for sales, no taxes, free shipping, no gas.

New car? Are you kidding?

Buy a house? Maybe in another state.

New career? Maybe in another state that doesn't mock our teacher experience as "edu-clerks".

I know its hard trying to understand us regular folks - kinda like Mick Jagger trying to remember what it was really like "practicing in the garage" and playin' in the pubs - but there is only one way we balance our checkbook. My family requires my efforts first.

See ya at the drive-thru - then the voting booth (if I last that long).




Anonymous said...

Completely understand the pain and venting Suzie, and relate to these very thoughts. I appreciate the occasional rage approach as it help to deal with the built-up stress and bitterness. I'm calm, cool and collected at school (have to be). But at home, quiet reflection easily turns into frustration. I hate feeling like a victim (the attacked often do). Thank God for humor and cheap wine. This summer I might need to break out the collection of appreciative cards and letters, saved over the years of service. My back feels the need for a good patting...

Anonymous said...

Class act 3:22 - unlike our counterparts in Wisconsin and Jersey.

Take solace in the good reflected by the cards you saved.

Sounds like you deserve a little good wine too.