Thursday, May 10, 2007


Just in case:

I am preparing a "Letter to Parents" that teachers can copy or modify for use during "Open House" and "Conference Days".

It would be nice to quote our Superintendent, Board members, and C.T.A. as supporting documentation.

If you know the exact quote, please post it here with the date. Mrs. Faliero's "prioritize" comment comes to mind.

The Board meetings are a "comment rich" resource. With everybody contributing and refining I hope to have an impressive product for us.

I will collect and incorporate the quotes and then post my final letter for you to use freely.

Fell free to make suggestions. We have 3 MONTHS to refine it.

Come back often.


Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I will be working on a letter to hand out to parents at the BIGGEST photo op next Monday.

On 5/14, the district will award ESE students an academic letter based on participation in Special Olympics. My school hosts a qualifying event in Feb., over 400 Special Olympians, and over 800 general ed. students pull this off with the participation of over 18 clubs and organizations.

It is not going to happen next year.

The "Mushroom Farm" better scramble on this.

We intend on getting the word out to parents on Monday.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

I believe you are following a "suggestion" made by a board member at the last meeting. (Faliero?)

Get the parents involved.

BTW: 18+ clubs and organisations?! Talk about the logistics of a labor of love.

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

Yes, it is a major thing, not a few hours to put together. It is months, and months of work by MANY groups, representing hundreds of students, and 25 or more teachers. VERY, VERY, SAD.

twinkobie said...

This involving the parents is wonderful outreach. Hoorah for the idea people. I wrote a note to the new candidate (Burns?), but I have lost it on my hard drive, of course. I will post it on CastingRoomCouch when I can find it. I told him that a candidate must not just make gauzy promises but be specific to get my support and money. I cited a teacher slot permanently on the Board agenda for teachers to sound off. lee drury de cesare

Goader said...

I decided to run with your idea about quotes and wrote a whole post. There are some good quotes here that you might find helpful.

Can I Quote You

Anonymous said...

"Parents, I regret to inform you that the school district has no longer allocated time to its high school teachers durng school that may be dedicated to parental contact.

This letter is to inform that that tonight, open house, and the four scheduled conference nights are the only times during which I will be able to discuss your child's progress, grades, attendance, behavior issues, or any other concerns with you.

Please vote in November.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOhhhh. THAT'S goood.