Monday, May 7, 2007


It is time.

I'm still thinking that we need another organization to really represent us.

An organization not afraid to look at the Board and say "NO way".

An organization that will go to the edge for us.

An organization that is not afraid to go to jail for what is right.

An organization that is willing to say "This is NOT the best the county can offer and we recommend that you vote NO and send us to arbitration. We have a good case."

Some healthy competition is good. I 'm weary of "accepting" the status quo.

I'm looking for leadership. Are you?

I'm looking for guts. Are you?

I'm looking around. Are you?

Remember when unions would take out full page ads in order to win over public sentiment?

I never liked the idea of unions per se. I always seemed to do more than the teacher in the next room and yet still got paid the same. I always figured that my money could buy a lawyer if I needed one.

I still do.

BUT this is affecting my friends and colleagues like nothing else. I would join an organization that WANTED to represent me.

We are ripe for the picking.

If you are tired of the same old song, the same old tired responses from the same old tired representatives then click on the "blue" word and make your statement!

Maybe, just maybe, you too wanna be a teamster.


Anonymous said...

Our timing is right on:
Time is Right to Organize

twinkobie said...

I love the word "Teamsters." It evokes all the magic of the criminality of Hoffa, tough guys in trucks, walkouts, picket-line fights. Hoffa was last of the crook bosses of this powerful outfit.It's reformed. Some Teamsters from the inside had the guts to fight the leadership and won.

I bet Elia won't mess around the Teamsters, or she might sleep with the fishes if she tries any more of her load-another-class-on-the-teachers tricks. But Classroom Teachers Association? Is that scary?

Compare the epistemological assumptions of The Teamsters with Classroom Teachers Association. Which one is more likely to raise ROSSAC's hackles?

And as for crooks in its history, I don't think even Hoffa can beat out
Pat Tornillo's record. At least Hoffa didn't go to prison--buried alive, yes, but prison, no.

lee drury de cesare

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I filled out the request for the Teamsters to help us organize.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone received a reply from the Teamsters regarding the request?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Not yet. Probably trying to determine the authenticity of the requests. Keep asking.