Monday, May 21, 2007


Considering everything that we are all involved in these last two weeks, I think its time for a little light -hearted posting and comments.

ScanTrons and S.I.L.K aside, if you attended your school's graduation how about posting your thoughts? It will probably be the last one many of us attend voluntarily - AS IT SHOULD BE.


Anonymous said...

Best moment of all? Dr. Lamb welcomed the Freedom H.S. graduating class of 2000.

Ummm...Dr. Lamb, we weren't even open in 2000.

I'll miss the seniors.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to next year. I will not be:
1) jugding the talent show
2)hosting the beauty pagent
3)attending the musicals
4)chaperoning homecoming
5) chaperoning spirit week activities
6)meeting parents after 3:15
7)chaperoning grad night
8) chaperoning Prom
9) hosting my club
10) helping with graduation
11) tutoring after school

Wow. Maybe 6/7 will be less stressful for me next year! Thanks MaryEllen! Now that I actually sit here and recap all of the "extra" stuff I do during the year next year will be no sweat!

Anonymous said...

I'll still work at graduation and the prom. As much as I despise what Elia and the board have done, I still want to see them grow up just a little.

However, the amount of graded material I assign will drop dramatically. It has to. One additional essay will add close to five hours of work if I grade them properly.That comes on top of the four hours of planning time I lose.

I suppose I'll probably have less short answer and more multiple choice questions, too.

It's really amazing to me that Candy said somewhere she figured it out after Elia told her.

If she did, I would hope the voters elect someone else who can come to the correct conclusion. Olsen got it wrong. I think it's a case of being on the board too long. Term limits, anyone?

I'm a newbie here...but I've been reading all along. I hope to make it to a board meeting sometime to support the cause.

Have a great summer!

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I just returned from graduation. Why did we earn this photo op from the mutual congratulatory society? We had at our graduation:

Jack Lamb (got the year right)
Dorethea Edgecomb
Candy Olsen
Susan Valdez
Wynnie Tye
Ken Otero
Mike Grego
George Gaffney
The director of Area VII (IDEAS is down and I cannot check her name)
Gretchen Saunders
(and 2 others of whom I did not get their names)

I missed the Green Room hob nobbing, because I was helping kids from the moment I got there!

cable guy said...

my GOD! They're taking the Mutual Admiration Society on tour!

At least we can turn the TV volume down and go to the bathroom!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be "ironic" if she got up to speak and it created a faculty urge to use the bathroom?

Its been know to happen.

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

I guess, it's about the photo op.

It is like when we had the farm managers come to our Special Olympics pre-qualifying event; smiling hugely with all the special ed. students around, while not even bothering to speak or interact with them. Chumming with the various administrators took precedent.

I do not think that the reason the stage was packed was to show support and provide an opportunity to speak with the teachers from from my school who have been so vocal at board meetings. We were working (off the clock).

Let's keep this posting going. Maybe the Farm Manager offered everyone early release time as well as comp. time for attending a graduation.

Joey said...

If you did go to the bathroom, you'd probably hear "Don't go there!"

Anonymous said...

During Freedom/s graduation, Lamb did not extend his hand to one teacher. Kurdell called in sick. Gaffney (Area Director) was there and was very engaging. Lamb didn't hang around to talk to teachers, administrators, or students. Elia sent all sorts of people no one knew and no one cared about. Why is that? Seniors were great. Sundome needs to be torn down and let them start from scratch. We were hoping Olsen would substitute for Kurdell so we could tell her how out of touch she is with reality. We were hoping Griffin would substitute so we could talk to her and thank her for actually backing teachers. ALL teachers. We pacticed at 6:45 am and had the last ceremony at 8:00 pm. Is that goofy, or what? Why wasn't Iorio at any of the ceremonies? Have I gone on too long?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lamb sat with his back turned to the Freedom faculty in the "Green and Gold" room almost the entire time.

He made NO attempt to engage anyone in conversation. He was cordial to those administration and ROSSAC employees who talked to him.

If I wasn't privy to what was going on I might have felt sorry for him but I guess he recognized too many fearless teachers.

Character Dr., "character".

Now that I think about it, I should have tried to sneak Lee De Cesare in!

Anyone else out there care to post your experience at graduation ceremonies?

Anonymous said...

Joe Newsome honored the students of the first graduating class to complete all four years at the new school so arrogantly named after him - one that the entire community would have preferred be named FishHawk High School. He enjoyed playing up his country bumpkin image while expounding on "another ditch dug." Elia was there, Falerio, Olson, and others who nodded in reverance as Joe asked for applause for the school board members who worked so hard and really had it tough - 'cause he had been there - not an easy job. Poor things. Everyone kept waiting for Joe to offer some semblance of motivation, positive advice, something slightly more articulate than "another ditch dug", but to no avail. The evening was rescued by the cogent speech of the Salutatorian and the brillance of the students graduating with the highest GPAs in the district. This was not because of those puffed up administrators sent to honor them, but rather in spite of them. Kudos to the teachers and the kids.