Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Arrogant condescension.

Does anyone remember the last time they were lectured at? How effective was it, really?

You'd have thought that Ms. Olson would have learned her lesson with the calendar flap of 2005. You'd have thought that she'd remember how ineffective it was with her own children. Teachers know that lecturing anyone over the age of 6 is a lesson in futility. Holier-than-thou doesn't even work in church anymore.

"Divide and Conquer" was the phrase. No matter how much "she doth protest" that it wasn't a strategy, any FCAT trained question-writer would see through the thin South Tampa veneer that that was exactly what she promoted. Masterfully.

See the previous posts about this strategy. Those teachers that spoke didn't take the bait. A full range of passion, emotion and rationale was articulated by those choosing to speak.

Why dig up 'emails' and read selected sentences from elementary and middle school teachers that addressed certain "points" emphasizing the "unfairness and inequity" between the different school levels? Oh, and don't forget to twist the money blade into the backs of the high school teachers. The same teachers who saved you the extra money that you didn't have to pay benefits for.

By the way, how do we know that the context of the phrase
"I can't believe we got away with it for so long" wasn't preceded by "Can you imagine NOBODY questioned our response about having 100 meetings!" Seeeee? Sorry this girl ain't buying what you're selling.

Arrogant condescension.

What, are the only inhabitants of "Candyland" morons?

You like to say you hire the best, trot out this transparent display of 1950's "tunnel vision management technique" and expect those people of quality to just roll over? When you put "thinkers" in front of a class THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! Don't tell us to prepare our students for the future. Don't tell us to encourage our students to question, research, reason, and "think out of the box" and not expect us to model that behavior. Don't even think about telling us we crossed the line because we dare question "THE Board" or "The Superintendent".

How to YOU define "global"? South of Kennedy?

Arrogant condescension.

Candy Olson is digging in her Pradas on this 6 period teaching schedule. She has cemented her support behind Superintendent Elia's schedule change telling teachers that they can keep coming to board meetings and it won't change a thing.

It already has. In ways she is unable to fathom.

You have shown your true colors ma'am. Especially when you ducked out while speakers were addressing some of your comments. Very convenient to be able to go to the bathroom when nature calls. Your teachers will have to secure class coverage before then can enjoy that basic function.

Ms. Olson's response to the teachers contained a hardly-veiled threat to stop offering paid health benefits.
( "delighted to revisit" some budget items, things that "might be possible" ) The superintendent jumped on board that train. So much for recognition of our right to be heard, free of retribution. Pasco should be sound-biting it for their teacher recruiting campaign.

By the way, it didn't take long for someone to email me that Pasco teachers do not pay anything toward their benefits.

Your teachers refuse to to be swayed by such a display of intimidation. They recognize the hypocrisy rampant in "Candyland". Pay lip service to "inclusion". The teachers could not possibly understand the intricacies involved in being a constitutionally-bound steward. Convenient. Let's elect someone who'd be willing go to jail to prove that the state is screwing us!

There must be a pretty substantial sphere of influence coming out of "Candyland".

Goudreau-Elia-Olson: we're talking politics here.
Despite what I said in my last post the South Tampa faculties appear to have been gagged and emasculated. They need to step up and soon. I can't imagine what my friends have been subjected to for them to feel so intimidated.

The principals are feeling the heat to have their faculty "comply" with the full letter of the Superintendent's schedule change. They know that if they want to move up the ladder they have to follow Elia's directives. They are human and you can tell that they are doing things they don't agree with. I would not want to be a principal.

Candy spilled the beans. She would like us to believe that this is a done deal. Once again it shows that ole 1950's tunnel vision management. Couple that with the blinders that every board member save Griffin and Valdez are wearing and the picture starts coming into focus.

There was NEVER any other option that was considered.

How about having WEEKLY board meetings so more teachers have an opportunity to speak? No extra money, just your time. Sound familiar?

Somebody please make a motion and put your convictions on the table.

Arrogant condescension.

I'm so used to it I know where I'm going to start shopping.

Aye Candy: Queen of the Boor'd


Sisyphus said...

The Minutes Side by Side

We ALL work more than an 8 hour day now. Teaching is an extremely difficult job. ElemEd has time before and after classes to "plan". They are teaching with "blocks" and less passing time and number of times classes change. That's how they are at 300 minutes now. We have different types of things we have to do and prepare for in our day. Please do not use this to try to “divide and conquer’ us!

Most of us have not spelled things out this way. Our work days are VERY different as to how we spend our time. Look at these side by side comparisons. I really do not think that one group works more than another. The media needs to understand this. The news reports from Tuesday’s protest and board meeting have seemed to leave the message that high school teachers did not want to work as much as the other levels. This is the way things work for next year:

(YIKES!! can someone tell me how to cut and paste a word document here???)

HS ElemEd_______ Definition (if needed)______________
Ind. Classes two blocks + another how periods are scheduled
150 students 18 students parents to call, understanding needs, etc.
5 classes 5 classes
150 grades 90 grades to average, enter on Edline, etc.
7.3 student hrs 6.2 student hrs the "school day" for students
50 m planning 30 m planning time during the “school day” w/o students
15 m duty 15 m duty
high level material low level material
long assignments short assignments

next year 8 hr day for all teachers________________________
24 m more than students 90 min more than students (8h minus the student day)

For each group, 15 minutes for duty gets subtracted somewhere, schools will probably give teachers some choice as to where duty will be.

So here is the math:

HS gets 20 m more planning time + 24 m teacher time beyond the student time = 44 minutes .
ElemEd has 90 m of time beyond the school day.

90-44= 56 minutes

This is the PERIOD, with HS passing time, we are all in an uproar about.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mrs. Elia has finally spoken. She passed her notes over to Candy Olsen, and Candy gleefully rammed it down the throats of parents, students and teachers. And, with a smile, too.

It's too bad she doesn't have to run until 2010. When she does, we will be at every stop, telling every parent how totally out of touch she is.

Mrs. Elia was grinning ear-to-ear as she heard Queen Candy pronounce to the subjects that it's gone too far. Sorry, Queen Candy, we'll be back. Thank you for the inspiration to fight harder. (While she did hold out an olive branch about "evaluating" the options, she spewed so much venom at that point that no one heard her.)

And the quote, "Don't go there." Candy Olsen, I never went there. You did. You read emails at a school board meeting, not me. I want nothing more than to sit in a room with my fellow teachers and fix this with them. We are all part of the solution...but you beg to differ.

Mrs. Olsen, why don’t you suggest that Mrs. Elia start talking to us? Why is she not taking the lead on this? When was the last time you read about the CEO of an organization that refuses to meet with front-line employees? You’d think that after two months, she'd figure out that she needs a different approach?

You see, when Mrs. Elia refuses to this day to have a meaningful dialogue, we have no options left other than Board meetings. Here’s my prediction. Things will settle down over the summer, and you probably won’t see many teachers at the beginning of the year. But, as more and more teachers realize how this is affecting them, they’ll be at that podium.

See you in the grocery story, Candy. Will you tell us which one you frequent? I'll even buy the bar of soap to put in your mouth since you put it in ours first.

(Suzie...delete this same comment from the other post.)

Anonymous said...

I work in a different county, but I'm not sure I understand where you get the information about elem. ed. workday hours. Yes, we get about 20 min. to shove lunch down our throats. We also get ONE other planning time when our students are at specials (art, music, p.e.). This is a 30 min. time. What you may not be taking into consideration is that elem. ed teachers do not actually get all of that time. Unlike teachers of older students, whose students get up on their own and move throughout the buildings independently, we are constantly in supervision of our younger students. My students do not have any passing times. I am with them all day, transitioning from reading, to writing, to math, etc,. etc., The only time they are under someone else's supervision is that specials time. And yes, I have to spend 5 min. of that 30min. walking them TO the special area. Then standing with them until that teacher is ready (often late, b/c the previous teacher's students haven't been picked up yet, etc.) We also leave to go pick them up 5 min. earlier than the scheduled "ending" time, so that we are ready and waiting for them when the specials teacher is ready to release them to us. Our actual break is much less than the 30min. "on paper" time. I'm sure the same probably occurs for teachers of older grades, but for other reasons. We ALL have little things in our jobs that change what is actually "on paper". As teachers, we should all know this. There should not be nitpicking and fighting amongst teachers of different ages. We should just understand that regardless of the "times on paper", we are all professionals who dedicate our time to these students in many unspoken ways. Let's stop the infighting and work together to get what we deserve.