Thursday, April 5, 2007


If you have 35 students in 5 classes you see 175 students a day and 100 minutes of conference time.

If you have 27 students in 6 classes you see 162 students a day and 50 minutes of conference time.

You have 9.25% less students and 50% less conference time.


There seems to be persistent comments about veiled threats and intimidation designed to thwart your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to express yourself. It is time to NAME those administrators! This blog is your safe haven to do this. Your only responsibility is to be accurate. Good advice from anonymous:

You need to document the "veiled" threat regarding evaluations and "working to the contract" for any future need. If you are a CTA member it should be reported. Why not at least name the school here so that those of us who MAY be "shopping around" know when to keep walking. You can see the true colors start to show. Any principal that feels a negotiated contract is bendable needs to be exposed. To get an unsatifactory evaluation for performing to the contract is indeed a lawsuit waiting to be filed. Your experience should prepare you. Do not allow the opportunity to slide. Names, dates, times, witnesses and as many quotes as possible. You may have it and not need it but there will be a quiet satisfaction to building the case and feeling that you have some control over the issue. Do NOT trust your memory. Stay cool.


The rumbling is getting louder folks. More and more teachers are talking about showing up at the Board Meeting on Tuesday. It starts at 6PM. We CAN make an impact. JUST SHOW UP AT 5:45 - 6:00 PM. Wanna have a TEA PARTY? Can we bring a tea bag for every teacher at our school that feels the same and LEAVE IT SOMEWHERE?

Maybe get some support from C Tea A?

Remember: Name names! Name schools!



Goader said...

I say shame on administrators who dare to interfere with teachers’ who desire to exercise their right to speak freely and to associate. How despicable for any administrator to act in such a draconian manner. I teach my students in the United Stated of America. We are the greatest democratic-republic on the face of the earth, and we the people are the government.

We have young men and women barely out of high school fighting in Iraq who are dying and returning maimed for life. The thought of one administrator having the gall to threaten a teacher, no less, a teacher who may have been the last example of authority a dying soldier thinks of with his or her last breath. It makes me furious! Teachers, be brave like the eighteen, nineteen, and twenty-year old young folks fighting to protect what we enjoy here. You may have taught some of these brave young souls only a few months ago. We are teachers and as such, we stand for freedom. Freedom to speak and express our thoughts; freedom to associate with whomever we desire, whenever we desire; freedom to be examples for our students—some of whom are dying as I type, for god’s sake.

Right now, with the growing discontent, is exactly what our forefathers gave their blood, sweat, and tears to protect, and for what some of our recent graduates are dying. Please, for that soldier who only a few months ago was disrupting your class and now is fighting in a hostile land so we may live free.

MaryEllen Elia, I call on you to make it clear to each and every administrator, that what is going on here is not the end of the world. It is what free people do when discontented with their leaders. Mrs. Elia, if you or any of your administrators cannot stand the heat of civilized societal discourse, then you have no business being in a leadership role. You make the big money, so let us see you earn it. I have no problem with parents seeing how I earn mine.

Goader said...

I have added those who emailed me the answer to the clue. You can go to After logging in with the username and password I email you feel free to set up a message board. Let's figure out when we might chat live for a few minutes. We can communicate through the message boards. You will all have access to each other's boards and chat rooms. Click on "Directory" at the top to see all on the list. Use the little drop down navigation window in the upper left-hand corner to go to boards and chats.

Anonymous said...

For all of you interested in joining us in an online chat please send your email to goader(see message and directions below) so he can give you a name and password. Today we will be chatting at 1:30. Hope to see (hear!) you there :-)

Anonymous said...

What if this ISN"T about the Ammendment? What if this is about a $28 MILLION management error? What if this is about a 10% budget screw up? What if the administration is trying to keep a lid on expenses so as not to have to go public with this?

CTA doesn't get involved in district accounting practices. It would explain their timidity. Sweethearts do that for each other.

It's not as if Mrs. Elia hasn't made a mistake before.
(Overbuilding classrooms in under-populated areas and that little real-estate deal with land brokers).

After the Doug Erwin mess (remember they did LOSE the case and it cost them money) they successfully sent the message to mid-management that they risk the same treatment. "So shut up".

Methinks the laundry doth begin to smell.

Goader said...

If you want to join the chat at 1:30 this afternoon, Fri 4/06/07, send your SDHC email address to This chat is for teachers only. We want a forum where we can talk without fear of any more reprisals than already exist (as disgusting as that sounds in the freest country on earth). CTA staff members and directors are welcome as well as any members of the press. Just send me your respective “official” email addresses for verification. We do insist though on discretion when using any information gained from these chat sessions. (Apparently, people’s livelihoods are at stake. Some of us, like I, have less to lose, so please let those of us not so concerned about reprisals speak for the others that are.) We are not assuring security, as I am aware people have ways of infiltrating sites, we are only attempting to be as secure as possible. (I cannot believe I am saying this. I’ve gone speechless.

Goader said...

Thanks to all that showed up for the chat session. Please, invite other teachers to join in.

Dixi said...

I missed the chat today 4/ about doing another one on Monday so people can have a lot of notice and be able to be at their computers. I will be busy from 11:30-12:30 on Monday but am free at all other times.

Goader said...

You are invited to see a personal side: Disrespected & Unappreciated: An Odd Feeling in the Pit the Stomach

*Suzie Creamcheese, I hope you don't mind this entry.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

Damn goader THAT SUCKS! Wonder if they have a program for teachers who display a "conduct disorder"?

You are at the cusp: "Should I stay or should I go?" is your theme song.

I suspect your skills would be welcome at another school.

Goader said...

Here is the map and driving directions for the school board meetings.

Here is the posted schedule for the meetings.