Monday, April 23, 2007

"I am carrying a sign on Tuesday."

Such a heartfelt comment needs it own space. Thank You "Anonymous".

High School Teachers,

I am carrying a sign on Tuesday.

I do it because downsizing us to save 28 million is wrong.
I do it because our district has pushed the educational "nuclear option button" without even looking at alternatives to save or raise money.
I do it because the superintendent continues to mislead the public over the 300 minute clause.
I do it because teacher retention will suffer.
I do it because educators should not be treated like 1890s assembly-line workers.
I do it for those who can't do any more than they already do.
I do it for those sponsors and coaches who may have to give up those responsibilities.
I do it for those teachers who were victims of unit losses.
I do it because up to this year our leadership knew 6 classes was too much.
I do it because teachers opposing the district plan are likely to be the teachers who make things go at their respective schools.
I do it because we deserve a School Board that leads, not one that allows itself to be misled.
I do it because we can't speak to our School Board until the meeting is over.
I do it because we are ignored.
I do it because they make it near impossible for us to be heard and then chastise us for how a few of us do it.
I do it because the Board Chairman just did something seriously wrong and will probably go unpunished.
I do it because a teacher can get into trouble anytime a parent complains, even if the parent is proven wrong.
I do it because the superintendent just got a $50,000 raise due to our work while most of us don't make $50,000.
I do it because some of our principals treat us with contempt.
I do it because the Tampa Tribune has run two anti-teacher editorials that purposely mislead the public and smack of yellow journalism.
I do it for those non-tenured teachers who can't due to fear of repercussions.
I do it because this year we finally realize that we have more integrity and ethics than our leadership has shown, and that we care more about our profession and the kids.

I am carrying a sign on Tuesday.

A High School Teacher


Sisyphus said...

My heart is there, too.

This is not just exercising our right to speak out, BUT, about our DUTY to speak out against social/political injustice.

What better way to lead our students, but by example.

cable guy said...

And that example needs to be a mature, rational, and reasoned argument. There is no room for immature, emotionally charged but hallow displays of jibberish.

We want our students to see how an effective and firm stance against tyranny works!

Anonymous said...

The plan also calls on resource teachers and nonclassroom instructional personnel as substitutes before doubling up classes if regular substitute teachers are not available.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You CTA