Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My neck hurts.

The Board meeting was community television at its best. As soon as I would turn away or get distracted (!!!!!!!!) : a TIVO moment and I'd be drawn back in. There is so much to process.

You almost expected Joe Redner to hand Jack Lamb a chair from backstage using a Brian Blair move on Lee DeCesare.
Please watch the reruns. If anyone TiVo'ed it: YouTube!

"Those bloggers" were also mentioned. Keep posting your comments, ideas, and insights!

Stay tuned for "CANDYLAND".

My neck hurts.


Sisyphus said...

Candyland! How clever!

Please let me know when the You Tube stuff is out there.

THANK YOU, and EVERYONE else who carried a sign today.

Goader said...

Aye Candy: Queen of the Boor'd

Anonymous said...

Jack "Lambo" showed his real side.

Anonymous said...

For Ms. Olsen who is joining us on this blog, I would think that an elected offical would choose her words more carefully with an upcoming election. Did you not pass your history courses in high school? You might as well shout "Let them eat cake." Marie Antoinette did so well for herself against the angry masses! Looking forward to the 2008 election, your guillotine in waiting!

twinkobie said...

From: Micala McMurrian [mailto:Micala.McMurrian@sdhc.k12.fl.us]
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 9:46 AM
To: lee decesare
Subject: Re: PROFANITY: FW: Deconstructing Tribune Editorial Girlfriend Attack on Teacher

I don't know how I came to be on your email list, but I would appreciate it if you would eliminate my name. I read your diatribe. I watched you at the school board meeting last night. You don't speak for me, and your flaming rhetoric is actually harmful. Thanks but no thanks.

Micala, what is your school's name? I will try to eliminate you if I can locate your name in my files but don't promise.

"Flaming rhetoric" started all the world's salubrious and insalubrious changes. Think Thomas Paine and Hitler.

You can't be a history or a literature teacher, one infers, hence having a palate of innocuous, pale expression and existence and fear what Chucer called "God's plenty" in the makeup of the human family. You have my pity and hope that my grandchildren never occupy a seat in the classroom of a teacher with so little scope and imagination.

Question: Why don't you hit the delete key as most sane and even insane people would do? You remind me of Ms. Prime in Anthony Trollope's Rachel Ray. What sexual freedom was to her, "flaming rhetorick" is to you.

I wager you don't have the guts and fluency to get up and speak for yourself if your life and the lives of all the other Hillsborough County teachers affected by bull-in-a-china-shop-simon-legree-comma-challenged-constantly-lying Elia depended on your doing so.

I will post this exchange on THEWALL, a widely read teacher blog, and my leedrurydecesarescasting-roomcouch.blogpot so as to give you a wider audience. I am always willing to assist a timid soul take the next step in joining the human family.


lee drury de cesare

twinkobie said...


At my behest, my old boss Patrick Manteiga and his handsome Italian Editor De Larosa showed up to chat with piketeers at ROSSAC.

Advice: Write to Patrick and De Larosa any time you want to share your views with the Hispanic community and with the entire Bay-Area political community. Patrick's "As We Heard It" is a must-read for all Bay Area politicians.

I was proud to work for a paper that piney-woods soi-disant aristocrat South Tampa sneered at but which eventually conquered its political ethos by becoming a favorite of local politicians.

I always identify with the out-group, the oppressed, the mistreated. Wherever they are, I am too. That's my beat until I die. lee drury de cesare

Anonymous said...

Well, Mrs. Elia has finally spoken. She passed her notes over to Candy Olsen, and Candy gleefully rammed it down the throats of parents, students and teachers. And, with a smile, too.

It's too bad she doesn't have to run until 2010. When she does, we will be at every stop, telling every parent how totally out of touch she is.

Mrs. Elia was grinning ear-to-ear as she heard Queen Candy pronounce to the subjects that it's gone too far. Sorry, Queen Candy, we'll be back. Thank you for the inspiration to fight harder. (While she did hold out an olive branch about "evaluating" the options, she spewed so much venom at that point that no one heard her.)

And the quote, "Don't go there." Candy Olsen, I never went there. You did. You read emails at a school board meeting, not me. I want nothing more than to sit in a room with my fellow teachers and fix this with them. We are all part of the solution...but you beg to differ.

Mrs. Olsen, why don’t you suggest that Mrs. Elia start talking to us? Why is she not taking the lead on this? When was the last time you read about the CEO of an organization that refuses to meet with front-line employees? You’d think that after two months, she'd figure out that she needs a different approach?

You see, when Mrs. Elia refuses to this day to have a meaningful dialogue, we have no options left other than Board meetings. Here’s my prediction. Things will settle down over the summer, and you probably won’t see many teachers at the beginning of the year. But, as more and more teachers realize how this is affecting them, they’ll be at that podium.

See you in the grocery story, Candy. Will you tell us which one you frequent? I'll even buy the bar of soap to put in your mouth since you put it in ours first.

Suzie Creamcheese said...

"She (Elia)passed her notes over to Candy Olsen"

Really. An unfortunate by-product of cable access is not seeing what goes on in the background or outside the confines of the video lens.

Thank you for an important lesson why being there is paramount.

Anonymous said...

Candy Olson goes along with who she thinks will win. She kicks those she thinks is on the losing side. She has done this before. She has no ability to see the broader scope of leaving a legacy behind and doing good for human beings. Instead, she simply tries to figure out the winning team and goes over to it and socializes, b/c she thinks that will form an alliance for something down the road. She is all about herself. The woman is sad. She should be pitied actually, because I don't believe she has ethics. She sometimes appears that she does have ethics but only b/c she realizes occasionally that the ethical side is winning, so she quickly joins that side. District 2 needs a new school board member. Keep your eyes peeled for a new one candidate, b/c she needs to go.

cable guy said...

I spoke with someone more politically savvy than me who believes that Ms Olson's actions are an indication she has already decided this is her last term.

"Going down in flames?
No that's "Lambo".

She's just making herself unelectable."

I hope not.

All my **A.B.C! signs will go to waste.

**Anybody But Candy!