Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our experience with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay is such a metaphor on so many levels.

Its making me reconsider allowing the government to interpret anything for me: from weather to medicine to education to economics. I'm not saying ignore the info. I'm saying don't be so arrogant as to say things like it's a sure thing.

Enjoy the day off and don't hold the Board or the superintendent responsible for what they have no control over.


Anonymous said...

Elia and company made the right call. I enjoyed the day off.

Anonymous said...

I am glad we got the day off, but it paints a shade of irony over the Good Friday debacle.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh!!! What a week!! My classes are all huge with more coming--and not enough desks!!! The first day was awful--5-8 kids in my last period class couldn't find an intersection close to their house for the bus. Many parents brought their kids TO school 'cause the bus never came!!!